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RE: Pot coin 2.0 Explained, Legends of NFT unboxing, and WAX project launching soon

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Unfortunately no discord twitter, reddit, YouTube, and Instagram are listed here

The 2.0 upgrade hasn't began yet and given the recent history of cannabis based Crypto I'm sure if anyone from Weedcash gets ahold of them in a professional capacity they would be thrilled up until recently WE has been the big Dog n this circle and arguably still is.

I would try submitting a contact form

or DM them on twitter

From what I can gather there may be a viable option once their update takes effect for cross chain integration via smart contract through

However this is an educated guess nothing definitive but given that the two crypto companies have very similar goals and markets it may be in everyone's best interest to cooperate to the best of their ability's, Now is the time to ask though the info on this upgrade to 2.0 is a few days old at most


Yeah for sure. I think maybe I’ll first approach them with an invite to my new podcast, @homegrown :) we will see.

Last year we had a close relationship with THC(the hemp coin) but that project went sideways, and some questionable stuff happens over at their team, then the steem hive drama started. Definitely ready to saddle back the horse and seek out some big names for Hive.

Yeah I'm not saying hemp coins a good idea they really messed up publicly had the investors sue them or something for restitution. Didn't no there was a point in time the two considered working together neat.

But on paper their project has some good aspects just entirely failed to execute ( to me it seemed like they promised results that didn't have proper networks or systems to implement yet).