Earn Free Tokens in This EOS Airdrop Program!

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I found a new airdrop on EOS for the Gem token! And it’s super easy to claim!

All you’ll have to do is open the telegram bot at the end of this post and complete a few tasks!

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/Free_claim_eos_blockchain_airdrop_for_gem_token/9a1afd6be8d2b0f995927073bb4df696cdcd52cf?r=5N7MzpLpuhK2ji94GcRFMMDCJjSojn2p)



You have to join confirm a valid email address

You have to download their mobile game available on both IOS and Android

You have to join their telegram group and news channel

You have to follow them on Twitter and retweet their pinned post

You have to follow them on medium

Then you’re ready to claim!!

Hit the link here to complete your claim: https://t.me/GemsAirdrop_bot?start=931477946

They also have additional tasks that you can complete to earn extra tokens including following their youtube channel and leaving a 5-star review on their app.


What is the value and use cases of this token?

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It's a token for purchasing upgrades and buying new abilities for characters in Gemslabs games. I think they allow staking at some point as well.

I dont know the current price but it is trading on newdex.

That's interesting, I am definitely going to give it a try. If possible, please do share the link to the game/s.