Do I Make The Switch...?

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I am loyal to a fault...

When I dive into anything...Whether it's an investment, a business, relationships...I'm in it to win it.

I don't stray and some of my more epic failures in life have come from my unwillingness to not shop around. I (to a fault) will go down with the ship...

However there does come a point in our lives when we have to stop and ask ourselves...Is this worth it? Is it time for a change?

Let me tell you about this little application I fell in love with on Steem....You may have heard of it, it's Partiko!

Since day one, I have been a raving fan of this application. It changed everything for me when it came to Steem and it was an app that I could 'show and tell' Steem with on the go....

  • Hanging out with some friends, check out Partiko!

  • At a business meeting, show off the blockchain on mobile....

  • Travel the world, Partiko came with me...

But then... Things got eerily quiet.

Partiko's has gone silent in their Discord channel. There's rumors of the app's creator disappearing to China. And zero updates from the dev team...

And then I see this tweet the other day by @TheyCallMeDan and well...It woke me up!

TheycallmeDan on Twitter   I dropped  PartikoTeam for  esteem_app - Esteem is amazing  highly reccomend trying them out     Twitter.png

Have I been too loyal?

Have I stayed on a sinking ship....

I knew about @esteemapp actually before Partiko. The issue I had with eSteem is that I could never get logged in no matter what I tried. That being said, this was around....The beginning of my Steem journey, so I almost guarantee it was user error.

I have to be brutally honest though, Partiko (as is right now) works perfectly.

Even without any updates and news from their team, the app works flawlessly. It's put together really well, but here's the thing....Who knows how long that will last, we haven't heard a word!

Plus the eSteem team is VERY visible and active on Steem. And that to me, should be supported.


(Check out @eSteemApp here for downloads....)

Anyone that dedicates their time and energy to this blockchain, should get support and I'm all about...Pro-Steem use case :)

So looking back, I have LOVED my time with Partiko...It changed...Everything for me when it came to Steem. And I'm not 'deleting' my app anytime soon...However for me, it's time to support the active developers and leaders here on Steem.

Thank goodness we still have amazing applications being built and supported here on Steem. And when it comes to mobile...I'm looking forward to learning more about @eSteemApp and inclduing it in my training at both @ClickTrackProfit and @SteemSavvy

What's your experience with eSteem been like?


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i'm hearing interesting things about @rolandp's app SteemWallet which works with keychain and apparently has more features than just a wallet.

haven’t played around with that one yet. but so cool to see there are lots of options out there.

I haven't yet either. Someone was singing its praises at PYPT one evening. They said it was still a bit buggy but worth the effort.

Do it! eSteem is way better, imo. No offense to Partiko, but eSteem has far more features and a lot prettier interface. You won't regret it!

still trying to get the hang of the voting slider and whether or not i upvotes or downvoted a comment. lol

When you tap on downvote, it will change slider color and $ amount will have - front of it, you will have to tap it again to downvote, so no confusion there.

So the question is, has anyone redemed their Partiko points? Should I do it like NOW and switch. Got me wondering! Advise?


i use them from time to time. that being said i don’t really like creating blog posts on mobile. and haven’t taken many selfies lol

I have used up mine, in case they went offline.

Your first three paragraphs, pretty much sums me too :D

I used Partiko for a bit but honestly, I didn't feel what you guys were feeling about it. I couldn't upload more than one pic and I also didn't like the tag.
I used to see what all the fuss was about, and even though I recommended, I used Steempeak from browser on phone.

But with esteem's latest updates, it's my go to.
And the best part is, it is on desktop and mobile
And they mirror each other...
I can do half my blog on one and finish it on the other if it so happens.
And of course I can upload as many pics as I want
And they support you too with upvotes and yes, they have points for usage

You most definitely must try it ;D

looking forward to using it more. even downloading their desktop app. so far it’s awesome.

Thanks for post! Do let me know if you have any issues with eSteem. We are working on 2.2.3 release which should improve performance. Some exciting new features are also included.

Appreciate it man....And so far, it's been a very smooth transition for me. Thanks for all you do here!

I have both on my mobile, mainly to use if I need to be away from my computer. They have good points, and I use them side by side to check on likes and comments. I have yet to use eSteem to post, but I've tried Partiko once and liked it.

Posted using Partiko Android

yeah i just installed it and you are the first person i am replying to using esteem. it’s pretty sweet. very clean.

I am slowly transitioning and cashing in my points. Esteem is just easier to use on my ipad pro. Plus the lack of contact or updates from the developer is a red flag. I removed my delegation 2 weeks ago.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah I still have a bit left there but will be removing the remainder of it. I’ve been playing around for the past half an hour on esteem and it’s very impressive.

There's no limit to the photos you can add to a post (the next step in dApp evolution will be photo resizing to fit within your articles) and you can make financial transactions via the wallet in eSteem.

Posted using Partiko Android

I’m still using partiko because it’s so easy to use, I’m wondering what happened to the team. The app still works and it’s fast lol

I like esteem but partiko is just very easy to use. I’ll try to use both lol

Posted using Partiko iOS

ya partiko is super simple. i like that for sure. ease of use is so important. esteem is pretty slick though. much more options for creating posts and comments.

One of the reasons, I think they have very limited features that's why it gives feeling that it is easy to use.

I'm also thinking of switching after I saw that tweet from Dan. Partiko has been wonderful tho

Posted using Partiko Android

ya that’s what kills me. partiko is just. awesome.

but no word from their team is hurting confidence. and it’s a shame to see such an awesome project vanish like that.

The app creator vanished to China and couldn't contact his team... That's weird.

Perhaps I'll just redeem my little partiko points and switch soon. But I'll still be using it tho😂

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah I still have it on my phone....It's still a fantastic app. I'm just worried about the lack of support in case something goes wrong.

Yup. ✌💗

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm not going to agree with the perfectly part as the messages have disappeared and that was one thing that was going to really give them an edge on other dApps. Makes me sad :(

Yeah guess perfectly wasnt the best choice of words, I hear ya....And it kills me bro. I absolutely love Partiko. It was heaven sent to me....But it's just dead over there. Sucks.

Sounds good Jon, Change is as good as a holiday, refreshing and invigorating, I tried Partiko and much like apppics, couldn't get logged in now matter how many times I tried, gotta be user error, too many numbers for my big fingers, but I will try esteemapp and see how I go :) thanks for the post Jon

For sure man....Yeah eSteem this go round was flawless to get logged into. Very easy.

I had totally opposite experience... Partiko didn't want to work on my mobile phone at all... I had problems with esteem also, but, contacted support, received answer and the problem was solved with the next version!

yeah i got this thing downloaded and was able to log in without any issues. like i mentioned. more than likely user error lolol

I use partiko and it's been really cool but I've been hearing about esteem and I must say, it's really enticing.

Posted using Partiko Android

Partiko is still a fantastic app and so easy to use. I'm just worried about the lack of support on the dev. side of things. Thanks for the comment!

I agree. Hopefully this doesn't affect them so badly on the long run. You're welcome 🙂

Posted using Partiko Android

So sad but reality,,, @partiko was so easy to use even today.. I want esteemapp but so hard for me using mobile phone,, I want @esteemapp too even before the coming of partiko but the issue is, it will always required me to log in thought I was not logging it out.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah I heard there are some tricks to using it...I'll be playing with it this week to see how well I can adapt...Dang Partiko, why did you have to disappear...

I'm a working woman, need a quick posting without using eyeglasses though I was so busy but partiko is so good to be true friend and I got t 300k points,they paid it when I claimed it all... I hope it will be alright.

That's a good point...Partiko has a much bigger font size than eSteem....Gonna see if I can change that.

If esteemapp has the same font, I will used it all the time.. I need reading glass so I can't do magic in posting jejejeje when my boss will be watching me wearing reading eye glass.

Yeah you are making a great question Jon, Partiko is very user friendly but the development is absent, then we have eSteem with lot's of development, but for me their interface is too small on a 5 inch screen and there is no settings at all to adjust that.

And when I say too small I mean the letters and the controls, plus the editor has so many buttons I just see one line of what I am writing, so I use Partiko for some random commenting and the a combination of Steempeak and Steemreply and everything else, plus Seemworld and Steem-engine of course.

But if you have a bigger phone I assume eSteem should work fine, just do what's best for you, and stay awesome.

Yeah I got this new iPhone XR and it's pretty easy to read but I can see how it appears smaller for some.


I have both installed and I jump between them time to time. The only issue I have at the moment is with @esteemapp that it doesn't let me use the points to boost a post. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...Partiko's points are so much easier to use! Apart from that, I like them both!

Posted using Partiko Android

ya partiko has simplicity down to a science. loved it.

Talk about loyal-I have used @eSteemapp since I first started on Steem in the summer of 2017! I have stuck with them through thick and thin and can't imagine using anything else. They listen to suggestions and are continuously making updates and the features on the app are pretty amazing. All of the content that receives an eSteem vote has been hand curated. They support their Discord Channel. They are a great team!

great to know. that’s really important going forward for me. a strong team and community makes all the difference.

I'm always happy to help in any way I can if you have questions.

I was loyal to Partiko too but true is that something have happened with team and probably sooner or later app will stop to work too. I've also tried Esteem in the past but app was not user friendly at all but now it looks good so I'm gonna give it a try, my first comment using @esteemapp right now ;)

Nice nice! Yeah it's really clean now....Lots going on though with it, not as 'simple' as Partiko was. But you are right....Sadly the next step is that Partiko stops working completely.

Thanks for this. You’re on the ball! If you want to stay in “the loop” on steem make sure your following @jongolson

Posted using Partiko iOS

lol thanks man. i do my best lol

Regards esteemed friend @jongolson.

I think we should be faithful to the Steem Blockchain. Any of your applications that we use provide us with a range of opportunities. Each one has its special characteristics.

Perhaps it would be efficient to combine the use of several Dapps and exploit their benefits. Do not you appreciate it?

Even the tribes each have their own advantages over the others. So adopting only one exclusively limits us from enjoying new horizons.

Steem is growing and we must grow along with it.

Your friend, Juan

That's fair, but at the same time when an app isn't supported and the dev team has disappeared, what are we supposed to do?

In that case, there is only one thing to do: Leave it and replace it with something that really works.

Do not you think ?

Thank you for your attentive reply dear @jongolson, you´re so kind.

Would you mind if I share with you some details about our nonprofit initiative based on STEEM Blockchain: "Project Hope" (@project.hope)?

Together with @crypto.piotr I've been working on it for few months already and recently we've launched our website. It's still kind of a "construction zone" :)

If you think so, could check it out:

You may find section "passive income" particularly interesting. Please, check it out and let me know what do you think. Your opinion would be a gold mine for me.

Your friend, Juan

I've sidelined Partiko. Multi account support on @esteemapp is excellent.

i saw that feature. haven’t dipped into it yet but i’ve got a few accounts i manage so that will be fantastic.

I've switched. I'm now also using my short form account!

Nice. I’ll be messing with as many features of the app as i can.


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