Looking for a decentralized exchange where I can buy Steem with bitcoin

in #exchange10 months ago

The title says it all.

Please leave any tips in the comments below.


Convert your BTC to BTCP by transferring them on SteemEngine and then sell it for STEEMP. Convert your STEEMP to STEEM as a final step.
Hope this helps.

Actually, this is the easiest way to do it... I'm using Binance, but it isn't a decentralized exchange

I'm trying an experiment with my noloafing account here to see how "private" and anonymous I can keep it without going crazy.

I've already added tokens from a friend's bitrix account; but let's see how hard it is to keep stay anonymous, without going crazy.

For my other, professional accounts I just power up from a normal exchange.

Shit, how did I miss this reply.

I will head over to SteemEngine tonight and check it out.


I finally have this a try and loaded myself up with about 500STEEM from my BTC wallet. 2% in fees from Steem-engine but worth it.

Great! You can also use dex.steemleo or steemfinex to save on SE conversion charges (if you prefer that) to some extent.