My exhaust Mountain Hiking stats for August 10

in #exhaust7 months ago


Hi guys, this is a closer look at just the Mountain Hiking stats for today! :)

This is the GPS trail the I hiked, you can see the trail loops up in the Mountains and then returns later on back down the same trail!
A very awesome network of hiking trails that is just outside my front door!!!


I am looking for a Satellite photo backdrop for this GPS map, and more data to add later about my hike... such a learning curve Lol!!


Tomorrow, hopefully will be the Gold mine trail.....
Another adventure for Silvertop,@elizabethbit and @actifit-lamb!!😀
Some added BPM stats as well....Cheers!!!

Someone once said Rome wasn't built in a just start with one foot in front of the other....Like Silvertop is doing with this new post!!!😇

Stay active ....stay fit, my friends!!! 😀

Till tomorrow....Silvertop 😀


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