How to Dominate Your 24-Hour Fast 🍵⏰🥙🥗

in #fitness8 months ago


So I’ve been on periscope a ton lately and I get people asking me where to find information quite a bit. So I’m going to be curating a list of tips and hacks on my publish0x blog.

The first one I posted is a schedule for a 24 hour liquid fast. It’s a lifestyle hack that you can use short term or long term to help you burn stored fat on your body, especially if your main problem is over eating.


I still have some things to add to it, which is why I’m putting these on publish0x. I just like that I can always be sending new people to the blog and still be getting free tips over time. It also lets me add embed my Lbry videos and make these post really fancy.

These will be edited over time but even getting the first few tips up is pretty cool. Can’t wait to get it all built out!

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