Super League = Super Greed

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The owners of English Clubs involved in the Super League proposal have all been apologizing and they are fortunate due to Covid no fans are at the grounds. Tonight the Glaziers are facing the wrath of the Manchester United fans outside Old Trafford Stadium. This is not just going to disappear and don't know how bad it can still get for the owners. You can buy the club, but you don't buy the history and the fans. Sounds a bit familiar when you think you have bought a blockchain and the community comes along as part of the package.

For those not following what happened the 12 clubs involved across Europe agreed to form their own Super League which would be played over and above their normal commitments during mid week matches. Not surprising half the teams are from England as that is where the money is today with huge revenues generated from television deals.

Barcelona,Juventus,Arsenal,AC Milan,Inter Milan,Chelsea,Atletico Madrid,Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham are the clubs involved with all 6 English clubs having now pulled out.

With so much money in sports these days and clubs under huge pressure to generate more income it is not a huge surprise to see these types of things being proposed. Fans who help generate their income will not stand quietly however so it is never going to be so easy.

I was relieved and happy to see the so called Super League get shot down in flames and quite rightly so. The fans protested as soon as it was announced taking the owners off guard and leaving them spinning as they do not understand history and tradition. Breakaway leagues if allowed to just go ahead could wreck their own leagues like the Premiership and fans will not let that happen.

Chelsea's home game against Brighton was delayed due to fan protests outside the ground. This was the start of the big unravel as the 6 English Clubs involved knew they had over stepped the line. Why they couldn't be like Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Paris St Germain in saying no thanks when it was proposed.

This makes perfect sense why the 12 clubs were so eager to see the Super League go ahead.

One by one the clubs involved Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea withdrew from the proposed new league. The idea of having another mid week league running alongside the normal leagues and cups they are involved in tells us one thing and that is the owners don't care as it boils down to money. Funny as every club in the Super League us debt ridden and is the real reason behind this proposal. Last year and this year with no fans has left them looking for alternative revenues instead of looking within what they already have.

The foreign club owners already have a love hate relationship with the fans. The Glazier's have always been seen as outsiders.
THE UEAFA Champions League is a League based on the top teams who qualify playing themselves in what is seen as an elite competition. Having a separate league with the same teams playing will be overkill and saturate the market diluting what is being offered already. Too much of one thing will kill the market and it doesn't take a genius to work that one out either.

No big shock that Fenway Sports Group, the owners of Liverpool were one of the key players behind the proposal. They don't care about Liverpool FC as they showed us their thoughts a few years back when a memo was leaked. This stated that their would be no funding for new players as the profits were for the Boston Red Sox and not building Liverpool. They knew this was possible by employing the best and brightest to run the club.

What I find humorous is the so called personal heartfelt apologies from the various owners of the clubs involved. This is what happens when foreign owners take over the top clubs as they only care about profit. Fenway Sports has funny enough done 3 apologies to fans over the years they have been in charge. The first one was over the leaked memo forcing them to back track, the second was an other apology after increasing the ticket prices and now this one with them stating they took the fans for granted and should never have regarding the Super League.

Obviously they do not care and here is why as when the players and managers didn't back their new deal they should have included them originally in their thinking. Doubling a seasons workload when you are already over stretched is not clever as not only do you risk fatigue, but injuries as well. This would have been about milking fans and taking advantage of their loyalty and good will.

FIFA responded stating clubs who are involved would have their international players barred from playing international matches. This is something the owners had overlooked and would not have a team to play in the Super League. What is even more bizarre is who says the Super League actually has the top teams. Barcelona are not a Super League team and will be years before they will bounce back and why they are so upset about teams withdrawing.

I think when you have owners of sporting teams that are not fans themselves we will see this type of thing happening all over again. Money is what is behind the owners involved and not the passion which is why they will never understand.


I get that its greedy but I still think owners should be able to do what they want with their assets and if you don't have stake you don't really have a say, this was just a trial run, people are calling victory but they just going to do it in a slower form until they get what they want

I just see a bunch of grown men crying over clubs that owe them nothing and they arbitrarily chose to support, lol I can guarantee you if the super league went ahead most people would watch it and it would be a commercial success, yes its shine would fade with time and become boring, but fans will support just about anything as long as their favourite brand they emotively attached to is in it

I think it would do more damage than good plus if you consider who was in the 12 it is a joke and is already a failure. Fans wont support it as it would have to be on pay per view and also not part of their season ticket allocation. Flooding the market with sub standard teams in an extra league is not the answer. We haven't seen the backlash yet and it is still coming.

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Could be, I am just not sure fans reall have a say its a nice media spin off, but I mean really the brand pull worldwide for these teams they can basically do anything, we're just hearing the noise of the vocal minority. I think the super league isn't a good competition and i'd prefer it the way it is but I'm not tied to any of this or feel any which way about it

They said the same thing about the IPL and the super 15 and the rugby championship when it stopped becoming the tri-nations. Fans are as fickle as they come!

One of the worst things about this whole story is the fact that UEFA and FIFA look like the good guys fighting greed, while people are dying in Qatar to finish the stadiums and they keep squeezing more and more irrelevant competitions like the nations league and the european conference league into an already oversaturated footballschedule.

Those greedy vultures are not the good guys!

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You are quite right as it does make FIFA look like angels which we obviously know that isn't the case. The owners are no better and are just as bad though as they just don't care.

You expressed it very well. Money/profit is the sole driver of those put in charge of football teams. Instead of passionate people and former players, we have accountants and investment bankers...

The Super League is simply an answer to what modern football is today. UEFA and FIFA are corrupt to the core. The soccer tycoons are pumping so much money into the market that they are making soccer unprofitable for everyone. Teams that don't sell themselves (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, etc.) have to find a way to compete with teams that simply have more money than they generate. It's Manchester City, PSG, Chelsea, who are ruining soccer.

If it is not the Super League, something else will come out, but this is unsustainable.

covid has affected the sports fans and players alike I hope everything returns to normal soon

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Glad supporters fought this greed

That's when you realise club owners have completely lost their mind, and lost interest in keeping football competitive. I think it's Mourino who said it few days ago, if there's no elimination or relegation, there's no stake.