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Going for the full 3 prompt option this week as a distraction from yesterdays news... lets see how much that influences the direction of my thoughts 😅

The good times are not going to last - winter is coming.


Jerry looking around not sure what Mel had seen.


He stood still as could be except for looking at what he noticed.


Was it the smell on the breeze, Donut's Coffee and Cars?


The squirrels in the trees, shaking free leaves?


Clouds in the sky, whooshing by?


"Alright Jerry" he heard quickly snapping from his trance, now running with a hint of a prance.

Carol and Fern Photobombed By Tyler - Qurator's Photo Friday Contest

She was depending on her mother. That might have been a mistake.

I Purchased My STEEM Witness Rig Today 👌 - My Actifit Report Card: February 10 2020

We couldn't have doomed Jerry, to an itchier fate!

Only If All Medicine Tasted This Good 🐶 Jerry taking his second dose of Hemp Seed ...

Dosing him twice with hemp oil, calming his nerves!

⚠️ Jerry Likes The Addition To His Collar ⚠️ Today we stopped at Buckerfields and ...

Jerry knows it's the least he deserves before getting disturbed!

Jerry Is Almost Ready For His New Jacket 🐕 Since the jacket Jerry has on is started ...

Jacket on and ready to go, shaking and shivering as if there were snow!

dPet Is The Place To Be For Animal Lovers - Jerry Saving Australia’s Wild Animals ...

a puppy yelped

When Jerry The Rescue Dog Makes A Friend It’s For Life ❤️ he is such a character.. ...

As Soon As He Heard It, Jerry Was Gone!

Partiko Goes With Me Everywhere! - #DailyPetPhotography #DogsOfSteemit

Looking back to make sure we follow, leading us to an unknown hollow.

Jerry! Where Is It??? - #dogsofsteemit #dailypetphotography

Over a Hill and into the valley

Jerry! Leave Them Bee!!! - #dogsofsteemit #dailypetphotography

Jerry saved the Pup from dreaded Bee Alley!

😍 The Double Follow Me 😍 The loves of my life, partners and companions, my family ...

Proud of himself now more so then most

Jerry Leaning Into The Chilly Wind Knowing There Is No Other Way But To Continue ...

Leading us home, frost nipping his nose!

Melissa Picked A Challenging One 👌 Jerry Don’t Look Impressed 😅 I Think She Needs ...

Curl into a ball and raise good job toasts!

Mel Looks Pleased With Her Denny’s Breakfast Selection 😋 Santa Fe Skillet & Grand ...

Where did Mom go? She will miss out on the boasts!

Top images are new as of today, while out smoking a roach doobie on our walk. Ones with sub links are previous posts used for message of the #freewrite.


I spent a fair amount of time on this post just gathering images and including the links lol like a good mix of fresh bud and roaches of old


Then smashing ideas together withe @dpet #dailypetphotography and @freewritehouse #freewrite


Ending with a nice and fat #cannabis influenced creation 😉

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Love this weekend freewrite!! VEry creative!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Can almost always expect something dog brained from outside the box 😅

It was a good distraction that’s for certain, glad you liked it ❤️

Thanks for stopping in 😘