Keeping The Streak Alive [FREEWRITE]

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So... as I'm about the upload Day 50 of the I Am Alive Challenge, I'm confronted with some gateway time-out on Threespeak. I'm pretty sure it will be fixed quickly, but I made a small adjustment recently.

I started posting before midnight instead of after, which I did for the first 40 editions.

This means that if I don't post by midnight, I most likely will lose my streak of daily posts. And yes, I've been eyeing the Monthly Author badge by @hivebuzz, so I gotta wheel her in.

I always love when the freewrite prompts get in handy and fit the actual scenario.

Anyway, I had a relatively good day recovering from a self inflicted cold. I just need to start sleeping more.. aka.. going to bed earlier. Hence the change to post before instead of after midnight.

That's it for now. Stay well and have great week!


The new week is sneaking up on us XD...

This has been a freewrite for the 5 minute daily prompt. Read more about it here.

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Yes on sleep!! I had to let go of any kind of challenge goals and just concentrate on keeping stress as low as possible...
If I don't sleep enough, I can't function. And with Covid still going strong in our part of the world, staying healthy is on top of the list...

Says the famous lady who has posted over a thousand daily prompts 😅.

But yes, keep stress low and sleep enough. Two things I keep learning more about as I keep getting a little older/wiser.

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I hope you are feeling better. I managed one of those monthly badges. It was a tall order. I tried again earlier this year as part of @traciyork's #HiveBloPoMo but faded. For a lot of reasons. Which reminds me: I wonder if she's planning another?

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Yes, she is... 😂

I plan to do the @hiveblopomo thing again in November, the traditional month for National Blog Posting Month (along with the more well known National Novel Writing Month). And now that @hivebuzz has made it easier to figure out if I'm posting at the proper time, I look forward to adding to my collection as @jeanlucsr is.

Thanks for the shout out, @fionasfavourites and yes, @jeanlucsr - I hope you're feeling better as well. 🤗

I shall have to start working on it now. Going back to my April list and what I missed...

Somehow I'm getting excited about torturing myself for another month of daily content creation 😅

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Already feeling a lot better than the past 3 days, but still recovering.

Hmm... #HiveBloPoMo.... @traciyork?

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I am glad to hear that! Can't keep a good man down! 😀


Thanks for the support!

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Yes.. two more of these and I finally get my monthly badge


Good to know you're using UTC time, so I can be less worried.

Commitment... commitment... and badges 👍
See you at the end of the month @jeanlucsr

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!