Freewriting 07-13-2020

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I Have to Now

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Today's Prompt: politican

"I can't believe how that so-and-so is voting. He isn't paying any attention to what we need or want. Why do we keep re-electing him?

I'm going to start a campaign to make sure he doesn't get re-elected! Who is with me?"

Almost every hand in the room went up and the cheers were deafening. She had never ever considered getting involved in politics before. Let alone become a politician. Was she crazy? What was she thinking?

It was too late now! Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people were ready to support her. This won't be like any school election before. She was ready...

😁Time's Up!!


We need someone to be ready!!

I am always ready it just depends on what.

@rcaine Of course the majority follows the most striking politician even if he is the most incapable. Very funny your freewrite.

Thank you for the comment. As always it is much appreciated.

Yup! I know a few of these.

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another!

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Thanks for the reply. I never had a personal invitation before.Thank You.

I really liked your freewrite!

lol, and that's what happens when you are in a room full of people with a cause, put your hand up and you are it :)

You are absolutely correct. Thanks for the comment.