Freewriting 07-15-2020

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I Am Frustated

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Today's Prompt: I am frustrated

I am frustrated. I am frustrated over the way the US government is working. I am frustrated over a group of men and women elected by citizens of their state who would rather "play one-upmanship" with each other instead of doing what they were elected for.

A perfect example of this is verification of 3 members for the Civil Service Review Board (may not be the exact name). The board consists of 3 members which must be approved by congress. The board has been without any members for several years. There have been 3 nominees in front of congress for most of that time. But none of the nominees have been brought up for approval.

The Republicans say it is up to the Democrats to schedule the approvals and the Democrats say it is the Republicans. I don't know who is right but I know they are playing this game for some petty reason.

There is no excuse for this. I think...

😁Time's Up!!


Yup. Government no doing its job is so frustrating - and so prevalent.

I would love to find a way to replace them all with people who cared about helping their constituents.