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Gamification has always been a big part of my online business. Almost a decade ago we started sticking badges into our training at ClickTrackProfit and it helped rejuvenate an entire industry. We rewarded active users with fun games that they got to 'play' while actually learning about affiliate marketing and online business. It was a ton of fun....

Fast forward to last night's webinar and we broke down this concept of 'gamifying everything' when it came to online business and even one's journey here on Steem.

I'm going to break down a few example of what I'm talking about and show you how you can 'have fun' while still learning and growing your online business...Let's get started!

Affiliate Commissions

It's the big reason we are here right? We want to make a few bucks or even make a career out of this stuff...However people want to reach for the 'big money' before learning the in's and out's of the basics first...

I developed this concept called the $2.74 formula years ago, and in a nutshell it showed people how to hit $2.74 in affiliate commissions from their online business, everyday for a year...And it would end up being around $1000 a year (give or take a few cents). The technique taught people how to create small income streams and start stacking them up. Once they hit $2.74, they could take what they learnt and grow it to $27.40 a day...Or $10,000 a year and so forth.

Here's the trick...Let's say $1000 a year is 'Level One' of our little game we will be playing. We need to learn and master that first...Before 'fighting the bosses' on Level 2.

How do we Level up then?

Here's what I would do...Set up 'stages' that I need to accomplish or 'beat' throughout an entire week...And keep a record of it all. So for example;

gamify everything

I have a list of things I want to accomplish everyday. I write them out on my whiteboard before I go to bed and work to accomplish them throughout the next day. So for affiliate commissions it would be...

  1. Write a blog post on Steem / CTPtalk
  2. Send email to my list
  3. Develop and promote the 'Scavenger Hunt' campaign

So I accomplished each of those tasks on...Monday February 3rd. That got a 'Green Check' mark on my monthly planner above. Stage 1 is complete...I move onto Stage 2 which is Tuesday and so on...As you can see, I got a red 'X' on Sunday because I didn't finish all the tasks I set out. No cheating! If you don't 'beat the boss' that day, just mark it off as a red X but keep playing...

The goal, is to get more green check marks every week than red X's.

Do this consistently over time, you have now mastered the $2.74 Level of your 'Affiliate Commissions Game'.

Growing Your Mailing List

We all need to build our email list, it's literally the 'training stages' for our little affiliate marketing adventure game...So let's start small;

gamify everything

We start trying to get 1 new subscriber to join our mailing list....What would be the tasks we would have to do everyday to achieve that? This is what I would do;

  1. Create content on social media / blog (drives traffic)
  2. Engage with others in a niche specific community (drives traffic, builds relationships)
  3. Build a lead magnet and make sure your lead capture pages promote it effectively

I would literally do the first two tasks every single day of the week. Remember, I want those green check marks. But maybe for the 3rd task, I could split test different lead capture pages and see which ones bring in the best results.

Once I have started to see results, I then move on Level 2! See what works, master it, and then LEVEL UP!!!

Steem / CTP Power

This is very specific to my journey, so I wanted to use this as an example of what I do personally...To 'gamify' my experience here on the Steem blockchain and of course on CTPTalk as well.

steem power

Like I mentioned, this is very specific to my journey. And I have written about this multiple times when I discuss the 5-500-5000 formula. This really worked well and continues to work for my journey, so this will be added to our 'daily tasks'. But it's important to note, these numbers can be whatever you want them. maybe your Level 1 is 500 Steem Power or CTP Power. It's whatever you want to achieve :)

  1. Remember to engage with 5 people, every single day! (5-500-5000 strategy)
  2. Write one post or piece of content, daily!
  3. Curate and support the CTP Tribe

And here's how I can 'track' my progress as well, using @SteemitBoard

gamify everything

I go check my stats every few days on SteemitBoard. This allows me to see how well my '5-500-5000' formula is working as well as my daily tasks I have set out for myself. I track 3 numbers, Average Upvotes Per Post, Average Author Rewards Per Post, and Total Curation Rewards. I write these numbers in my journal....

gamify everything

If these numbers are growing steadily and I end up hitting my desired Level...I LEVEL UP!

If things need to be adjusted, I can see it from my record keeping. I'm also using my monthly planner, to give myself a green check mark every day I 'beat the bosses' and work towards having more green check marks than red x's....


This was obviously a brief overview of how I 'gamify everything' and we will be devleoping an entire training module for this technique @ClickTrackProfit

But I hope it is useful for you....

You see, we need to have fun with this stuff :) And when we gamify literally every single aspect of our business, we are challenging ourselves to be better! And to grow each and every day on our journey.

The best part is...This 'game' is unique to you. You set the parameters. You get to choose what levels you want to reach and even...What goals you want to achieve.

This is YOUR journey and you can decide how far you want to take it...

Look out for the pitfalls...The enemies...Negative Nancies and Herb The Hater can be lurking around those corners. But when you equip yourself with the right mindset and determination, your game becomes your ultimate success story!

Ready....Player One ;)


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Ready....player one indeed! ;) @jongolson I love your organisation, I use a similar one with my agenda! Game on! ;)

Thanks Lee :) Yeah I have so many charts and whiteboards it's crazy lol

Would be nice of some would actually create a game where the objective of the game was this training methodology (but with actual STEEM involved and therefore real profits). The reason for the game in my view is the same as the reason we have several UIs in STEEM.

Users need better front ends to actually use stuff... due not everyone being ok with using linux command line or directly using and API.

I would love to see such challenge being accepted. Teasing face!!! 😉

If only someone built something like.... @SteemSavvy and @ClickTrackProfit ;)

Just need to figure out how to reward people with the crypto for completing tasks.

Maybe you want to have chat with @typeearn or @tykee.

You need to kill the boss before starting the next stage. ;)

Absolutely.....Crush and destroy them ;)

How cool is that! I know you like to keep things stupid simple, but as a gamer, I could very well relate to something like Quest / Stage 1, 2, 3, each having something like 10 levels... :)

Yeah man, I have this big grand idea in my head...Just not enough time and resources to make it happen.

Brilliant! Love this gamifying concept man. It's how I passed my drivers test back in 2004 lol, I just imagined myself playing PlayStation and pretty much aced the test. It really does work when you adjust your mind set for things to be more fun and engaging :)

It works. You never know how inspired you are when there is a carrot stick dangling in front of you....It helps people grow and achieve big things too.

I am already thinking of a points system, and how to give a negative score to penalize bad behaviors and positive scores for certain milestones. Great post, confirms a lot of what I had on my brain for my own business.

Yeah man, the trick is keeping people growing every day....And doing everything they cant to not get the 'red x' lol

Great post Jon, I am planning on using the $2.74 formula a curiosity builders; e.g., asking people 'Why $2.74 is important?' and building on that question feeding a little information at a time. As soon as I finish this comment, I am going to follow the 5/50/5000 formula link. Thank you for your great educational videos and posts.

Awesome man, that's fantastic news!

Let me know if you need any help, I've got tons of resources for these lessons.

Oh man this one I been loving for years, the $2.74 training... And thanks al ot for keep brining this one up, and all the rest of hte info here. Thx and respect for your work over all those years...and years to Come!! Succcessss

For sure man, it's a oldie but goodie for sure :)

Gamifying things are very motivating Jon, and with clear and acheivable goals it's very easy to see the next step and how to reach it, and if you get rewarded for it it's even better, stay awesome.

Appreciate that man, yup...Hopefully more people 'get it' over in CTP...And make the journey with us!

Yeah I do hope so too, and we are doing what we can with thisisawesome to encourage people to create.

Gamifying our business and giving small challenges to ourselves is great motivating advice... and it can help a lot in our growth!

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Thanks man, appreciate you stopping by :)

I think my favorite part of all of this is learning to celebrate the small wins. That is something that I struggled with. Like $2.74 a day in Affiliate Commissions I would have shrugged off as no big deal. But if you're not celebrating that you really won't be happy at the higher levels either. Accumulation of small steps and wins=bigger wins down the road.

That's huge. And yeah the small wins start adding up. They start to stack. And then you get a breakthrough and your business really starts to take off.

I like things to be fun to do too. :D I do not get online very long per day, but I try to get a little done every day.

Small steps forward, little by little :) That's how we can accomplish anything!

I like how you turned the $2.74 into a level of a game :)

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Here's the best part about that....It's even easier than ever with Steem and You can literally generate that everyday just by being active and creating content / engaging here.

Yes I believe that in the post i have been posting and engaging with others

My husband is a great teacher of adults and children and the gamify strategy is something he does all the time. In his boys' Sunday School class he can make anything into a competition.

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wow wow wow wow.

That's what I said!!!!! lol

oh been here before . click from a email for clicktrackprofit

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Yeah man, and with all the applications here on Steem, it does make it much more fun. But we can 'make our own game' out of this....It's pretty exciting.