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Last week I did a post where I discussed the importance and power of gamification.

And what I touched on was the gamification right here on Steem...Which I believe can be a huge benefit to everyone on their journey while they are in 'accumulation' mode.

So if you are brand new to Steem, there are certain levels that our accounts can reach....

And this is easily tracked and monitored via @SteemitBoard (Which I highly suggest you get into the habit of going to every day AND voting for @arcange for witness!)

When we first get started, we're plankton....Or lovingly called 'red fish' on the blockchain...

steem plankton

That title stays with us until we get over 500 Steem Power (roughly)...

Now we're Minnows!

steem minnow

And this is exciting because by now, we've REALLY got into the addiction that is...Increasing Steem Power :) By commenting...Engaging...And creating!

This title stays with us until about 5000 Steem Power...

steem dolphin

Oh baby, now we're COOKING! Because after that level, we are shooting for the moon as a Dolphin!

Between 5000 Steem Power to around 50,000...Is Dolphin status and where I am currently.

More on that later....

After Dolphin status and over 50,000 Steem Power we have reached quite a level in the 'Game of Steem', as we are now...

steem orca


This is a fantastic level in the Game of Steem. And the one I'm shooting for by the end of 2020...Hey we all have goals right?

Orca level is between 50,000 and 500,000 Steem Power! Wow right? And then comes the big boy!

steem whale

That's a Steem Whale.

They are pretty slick Steemians. Some are super engaged and have become champions of the blockchain. Others like to stay behind the scenes...But to reach whale status you need over 500,000 Steem Power.

So why did I showcase all these different levels of the 'Game of Steem'?

I hit a little milestone today on my journey to 'Orca-hood'...

steem orca

I hit 30,000 Steem Power today. Now this may pale in comparison to some of the bigger fish on Steem, but here's why I'm so excited to hit this number. And more importantly how I have turned my Steem accumulation into a 'game'.

  1. I didn't get in super early with Steem. I joined in December of 2017, when we were at all time highs. So the thought of even being close to 30,000 was so far away from my thinking...All I wanted was to accumulate this token! That brings me to the next point...

  2. I followed a very simple plan on my 'Game of Steem'. I showed up, every day, kept my head down, created and engaged! And I got to meet some of the most amazing people I could possibly imagine on the blockchain. This community WILL support you if you show up every day and add value! Keep playing the game :)

  3. And finally I dollar cost averaged my investment into Steem. If you guys know my story, you'll know I have been literally rebuilding my life during my journey here on Steem. So I didn't have endless fiat to buy my Steem Power...But I kept on, keeping on!

I'm so hooked it's not even funny!

I encourage you, get into the 'Game of Steem' and I promise you, you'll never look at the price of this stuff because you'll be in 'accumulation mode' and busy meeting and interacting with the amazing people here.

Here's my biggest tips....

Bookmark @SteemitBoard and USE IT'S AMAZING statistics to monitor and track your journey here. It'll add some much more to your 'game'.

And most importantly, don't worry about trying to get huge upvotes. When you get them, be grateful, but don't expect them...Worry about BUILDING your stake and building your relationships. Because when you do that....

A level up in the 'Game' will be right around the corner!


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Congratulations on 30K SP!

I'm dreaming of Dolphins at the moment... :)

Thanks man. The time is now :) Cheap Steem lol

Congrats to your journey and the timing couldn’t be better

Posted via Steemleo

Agreed. Best time for me to buy these tokens during the bear market for sure.

Awesome, thx for the "GAME OF STEEM" Jon. Cool stuff!!

Appreciate the comments man...Game on!!!

Congratulations @jongolson ! I'm a growing minnow. I just grew to 79 Steem Power today! I expect to see an improvement in my rank... LOL! Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 7.59.04 PM.png

Slow and steady man....I remember when getting to 500 Steem Power seemed so far away...But you chip away every day, and it starts to add up!

@jongolson, thank you for the shout out about @steemitboard and my work and witness. Really appreciated 🙏

Can't wait to see becoming an Orca!

Appreciate you man. Thanks for all you do for us!

The way I see things is that once you reach a certain amount of SP, you start to progress almost on autopilote just by commenting and upvoting. It was very hard to reach minnow level but then it started to get interesting because there were actually curation rewards coming in. The more SP, the more curation rewards and the faster the progress.
Congrats on 30'000 SP, this brings you into the top 700 Steem Power holders!


Absolutely. I really noticed a big change when I hit around 1k Steem Power...Back then 1k Steem Power was like 10 cent upvote or something LOL But the more I plugged into the community, the more I seemed to grow.

Let's be honest, if you don't put anything into Steem you probably aren't going to get anything out of Steem. Unless you are incredibly skilled or popular it would be difficult to build up a meaningful amount of Steem without some sort of investment. Sure you can hope for some generous curation rewards with an average effort but soon those will end when real investors realize you aren't bringing anything to the table.

The best thing to do is work, save some money, buy a few thousand Steem and work it like you would work a business.

Absolutely! Yeah I have earned around a half of the Steem Power I have, the rest of it I purchased. I think if you believe in a project, you should invest into it. And I believe in Steem, as it's the perfect fit for me and my business.

Awesome, congrats on achieving this milestone. I'm sure you reach your goal this year of becoming an orca.

Thank you sir...Crossing fingers, but 20k is a lot to generate LOLOL I'm shooting for it though :)

Well, people that write down their goals are 80% more likely to achieve their goals, so that’s a good start. 😁👍

Congratulations on reaching 30k SP Jon, and yeah the game features of Steem is great and so is Steemitboard, I check it every time I get a comment from them which is several times per week, it's great motivation to grow, stay awesome.

It really is and with the added 'total curation' inspires me to like a lot more things here lol

That is awesome.

I am far away from Orca and I going to reach 1/4 of this soon!

That's awesome man, little by little...We get closer to it though. Which is exciting for sure!

My minnow is growing every day hoping to see the dolphin soon need another 530 sp :)

Dolphin is at 5k ;)

Thanks for sharing a no overhyped story.
Sounds like it sure has been exciting for you.
The steemitboard sounds awesome.

But Mr. JonG, i know this redfish.....
and if/when I check the board.....
the hook will be set and this fish will be caught
...hook, line & sinker as they say.

lol it's an addicting game once you dive into it ;)

That's for sure that the gamification in steem is keeping so many here. Really smart thing about steem and that's why I think that steem is more proof of brain. It's something like chess game. ☺

You know what's odd...How Steemit didn't focus on that and make it a huge part of branding this blockchain. It would have taken off like crazy.

Yeah, we seems now focusing more on proof of stake, what I don't understand. I mean what's the value in that and why most of crypto are moving to that.

This is really good advice, informative and it's something that I am hoping to do over 2020. I'd like to be a dolphin by Christmas if I can. I will need to put in a lot of work every day, and I am increasing my engagement to see how I can turn things around.

I'm blown away at how everything increases when i keep track of it all on Steemitboard. If I see a dip, I increase curation and engagement. It pumps right back up.

I hadn't monitored it that closely, but it certainly does lead to a lot of growth. With the various downvote bot abusing trolls attacking everyone, it's more important than ever to keep engagement with some of the smaller, newer users of the platform. Engagement can help to prevent people from being driven away and keep things light and fun.

it's huge. nothing helps onboarding more than supporting new accounts and giving them a kick start!

And the people downvoting someone just because their have SBI or their downvote power is 100% are trying to destroy it all.

Yeah I have been downvoted a ton by our good anti-SBI fan...It sucks, but I'm thankful he doesn't downvote the people I send SBI to.

Impressive. All the best in your journey to 50k. I give up. Too much work. lol

@geekgirl never give up! Plenty of things to do on steemit! One of them is delegate SP to some project which provides some ROI on your lended SP. For example @actifit which rewards people getting fit and doing daily activity. At least you still get something from this fantastic yet not perfect ecosystem.

ha ha ha ha I mean I dont spend too much time on it. Was way worse when partiko was around....Never got off my phone lol

Try @esteemapp =) and you will get back to the game! LOL

Its good...Doesnt seem to load my feed though properly.

I can see your posts (and my feed) ok. Any particular spot? I have just updated with the new surfer version. The app (at least on iphone) has some new way of downloading the post, kind of looks like its adapting the HTML as it gets downloaded and rendered. But after all downloaded, it looks fine to me.

On the mobile app for my iPhone...I scroll and it keeps loading the same posts over and over again. And then sometimes doesn't display the newest ones and starts showing posts from 2-3 days ago.

Hum... sounds like you are pulling from the wrong rpc node (check on Settings of the app), which one are you using? I have an iPhone 8 and have no problems. If you are using then try a different one to check if the same happens.

RPC Node?

LOL Man, I have no idea. I downloaded an app and started using it...

Welldone Jon on your milestone,
Lol I am such a long way from being just whale food :)

Slow and steady man...It works :)

Congratulations on your achievements I am at Minnows stage and working hard to grow

That's the trick, working at it every day. It's really addicting to set goals for yourself and seeing how close you are to the next level.

Thank you so much for sharing this trick I think I will do it

Congratulations on a great marathon to 300.000! @tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/4 - need recharge?)

Thank you very much. Appreciate that!

Congratulations @jongolson!
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Nice :) Appreciate the feature!

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