901 Days Later....Orca Level Reached!

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I'm one happy Hiver (or are we Hivians...?) today!

I reached a milestone on my crypto journey I thought I would never see in a million years...


Over 50,000 Hive Power!

And that means I'm pretty close or surpassed the amount of vests needed to be considered....I can't believe I can actually say this lol....An Orca on HIVE!

I joined HIVE on December 7th 2017 and at that time, the token was trading for like 5 bucks or something...And it went up to 8 dollars way before I could start stacking some big amounts...So the thought of getting to 5000 staked tokens was...Out of reach completely.

But I believed in this place....

The people were awesome. The product was so unique. And the experience was going to change my life!

I started with the goal of reaching 5,000 Hive Power before the end of 2018...And reached it way before I thought possible...

The bear market helped HUGE! I kept stacking as much as I could and created content almost every day since then...But it didn't stop there.

I believed in HIVE so much that I brought my entire business over to it and have been falling in love with that decision over and over again....The @clicktrackprofit community has been such a blessing...I can't thank you guys enough for believing in this blockchain and this vision so many of us have here :)

So enough of the sappy stuff, here's my pledge to YOU, the HIVE and CTP Community!

  • I believe in the upvote! The tips! The curation! And will make sure I'm always doing my best to pay in forward. I would have never have gotten here without YOU, the HIVE community, so I will make sure I'm doing my best to help your journey as well.
  • I will continue to bring my business and it's community here to HIVE. Everyone that had made the move to HIVE has loved every minute of it, so I will make sure there is always a steady stream of new Hivers / Hivians coming in :)
  • I will ALWAYS be a product of our product! Support this blockchain to the best of my abilities and rave about it as much as I can on my social media channels.

I'll do my best to turn this into a 'lesson' too for anyone just starting their journey here on HIVE. This sounds so cliche but...If I can do this, anyone can...

  1. Show up. Everyday!

  2. Create and curate amazing content!

  3. Engage with the amazing people here!

  4. When there is a dip, buy some tokens.

  5. When you get a big upvote, be grateful for it. But never expect it. It's a gift, so treat it that way.

Thank you guys, for all your support. Every comment. Every engagement. Every reblog. Every upvote. Heck every downvote too. You have made this journey such a life changing experience for my business, my family and myself.

Let's go change the world one HIVE token at a time :)

And the best part about this journey for all of us...It's just beginning!

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Congratulations JonGO!!
You so deserve!!

LOL I should try to get that username next...Jongo and just give this one up LOL

Thanks very much :)

This is pretty awesome. 50k is amazing. I think the community is lucky to have creators who also help others.

Thanks very much and ya I agree...The more we support people, the better. When everyone grows here, we'll have a very powerful blockchain!

Well done and well deserved @jongolson, congratulations to becoming Orca, and great advice on how to follow in your footsteps, it's awesome.

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Thanks man, appreciate the support!!

Thanks @jongolson, and stay awesome.

Congratulations once again on your Orca status, Jon! It's just crazy how much you accomplished in such a short time!

Next step: Whalehood! :)

Thanks man, yeah and it's only just begun...Need to get these next Steem powerdowns loaded up too!

Congratulations, Hive On!

Thanks :) Can't stop, won't stop!!

Congratulations!! I hope that your account will grow some more!!
Take care always

Thanks very much :)

Congratulations Jon! Thx again for all of your Newbie help!

For sure man, drop me a line anytime you need some help :)

You and @edicted both on the same day. Congrats guys.


Thanks man and congrats @edicted !!

Big congratulation on that huge milestone man.

It pays to be hard-working and consistency

Appreciated! And I agree 100%!!!

Congrats on making Orca you will be a whale in no time.

lol thanks man. only 450k left to go lol

Congratulations, Jon! What an awesome milestone and accomplishment! You deserve every bit of it. Thank you for being an inspiration and good advice. Keep up the good work.

Thanks man, and I appreciate the kind words. And thanks for adding so much to the CTP Tribe :) Your content has been awesome!

Thank you, Jon.

Congrats! 10 orcas makes a whale ... keep on building.

Yessir, never stop...Keeping stacking and building!

Big congratulations Jon, you are showing the path ahead and how to do it, keep up your awesome work.

Thanks man, and thanks for everything you do!

Not that far away from Dolphin now. 🐬

Your attitude is uplifting. Your bullet points.... point to yourself being a hard worker AND the bullet points are GREAT advice. I love that. Number Bullet Point 1 will be hard for me at this point in life but 1 post a day. That is the goal.

Appreciated, thanks for the comments....Yeah, 1 post a day is a great goal...But also, these comments are so powerful too :)

Orca Jongol is here 😎👌

Happy Orca Dreams!

Wow super awesome! Well done and congrats!

Thanks man...Appreciate that very much. No time to slow down now.. 😀

Absolutely 😁

Congratulations to you!

Thank man, appreciated!

Brap brap brap !!! Gaaaan a lead 💪🏾

Thanks man....Working hard to get this whale status by 2050 LOL

Isnt an Orca big? Whale status is next?

Yup, whale level is 500,000 Hive Power...So I've got a ways to go LOL

Congratulations Jon! I'm not sure if you remember our little talk since Steem time on one of your posts, but you became an Orca before SMTs after all! :)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Wow....Did we really talk about that? lol That's hilarious! Poor SMT's....One day....Maybe I'll get to whale status before it launches????

I pushed you to reach orca status before SMTs were out when you were about 30K+ if I remember right, back when we thought SMTs would be out in March and JS wasn't in the picture publicly.

Poor SMT's....One day....Maybe I'll get to whale status before it launches????

Oh my, that would be either fantastic for you or the final nail to the coffin of SMTs! :)

LOL yeah man...I'm hoping they beat me this time...Took me 2 and a half years to get to 50k...So...Another decade and we should be god :)

SMT's by 2030!!!

LOL! You aren't very confident, huh?

Truly, you don't have many reasons to be when it comes to SMTs and all the past hype around it and postponing launch sine die.

LOL Oh I'm confident now...Not so much on the last blockchain LOL

I'm happy to share your good day.
Thanks for the advice! Greetings @jongolson

Thanks very much for the comments and glad you got some value from the post :)

Congratulation John.

I am on my goal of dolphin and I hope to reach 1000 HP soon.

Thanks very much!

Oh believe me...It can happen quicker than you think. It's achievable for everyone, that's what I just told my community in Discord...We wanna transition as many as we can from minnow to dolphin in 2020...

I think this is the best time to make that happen for sure :)

That is awesome. Congrats Jon :)

Thanks man....Been quite a journey but I do think it's just beginning :)

Hey that's awesome, many congratulations!