My Steem Goals for 2020

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With so many things I want to do it is very easy to get overwhelmed and simply don't go anywhere!

So, I guess the first goal I want to accomplish is..

Write things down!

With my memory being a bit less accurate with motherhood/aging and being stubbornly in denial about it, it is very important that I turn this into an habit!

And why not put it in a blog post?

Maybe people will engage with me and motivate me to keep it up and accomplish the goals!

I won't get too fancy about it and list at least the Steem goals that I believe I can achieve!

  1. Keep posting everyday, even if it's only the Actireport - but I'll do my best to post more than the report!
  2. Comment at least 4 posts a day - I'll be using @pixiepost number 4 vision for this. I'm sure she doesn't mind!
  3. Curate as much as I can everyday - or what the "curation power" lets me!
  4. Keep doing my CTP Weekly Reports on Sundays
  5. Posting one "Momma Therapist" or one "Monkeyboy Adventures" per week
  6. Post on Appics everyday - photo or video - this one will be tricky but will see!

And I think that's already a big list and a big responsability!

I will do my best!

Who's with me in posting goals?

Happy Thursday!

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Great goals Eliana, and also important to not do too much, consistency is what to focus on, you will make it and enjoy the new year, stay awesome.

Oh... This is easy... :P
You can do much more :)

Just teasing you... Great goals and I will kick your butt if you don't do those things every day :P

Those look like pretty reasonable and manageable goals. I have trouble with focus myself and tend to get overwhelmed by feeling like I have to learn everything right now. Getting better at managing that. One small step at a time.