🌱 Prepare Yourself For The Hashkings Experience🌱 #1 (PLUS update on the water requirements)

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The Launching of hashkings is inevitable so..

Hey Farmers! As the @Hashkings economy is totally open you will depend in other users, any of the assets of the game will have a price control or something weird, everything will be led by the free market so today we are gonna review important info that you will need to develop your strategy.

We are not giving an ETA until the bugs we found are fixed as we realized we were too hyped with this and that caused some issues with the community, so we recommend you 100% to stay tuned on @hashkings and @al-gaming

Are You a Farmer?

Without a doubt, this will be the most "complex" role of the game as it has to do with all the other roles directly. Today I will show the first info you will need to know as a Hashkings farmer.

All these stats are not permanent as we will be doing balancing these stats during the life of the game to create an environment to protect the economy of the ecosystem. Including buffs, nerfs, etc.

Your flow will consist of having:

  • At least a spot to grow one seed

Each landplot has different amounts of spots inside.

  • ASIA - 2
  • JAMAICA - 3
  • AFRICA- 4
  • MEXICO - 7
  • At least one seed.

each seed has different characteristics, depending on its region and "rarity".


  • And some gallons of water.

You can acquire water towers within the game or buying HKWATER (gallons) in hive-engine. Each HKWATER = 1 GALLON of water

Updates on the water requiriments

As you can see the numbers have changed, happily we solved a MATH issue which otherwise could have caused a negative impact on the prices. We adjusted the water requirements for all the seeds.

Now The most powerful ASIA seed can produce the same amount of a SOUTH AMERICA but paying the same amount of water, but having a bigger efficiency (more or less X7)

Efficiency means, in this case, doing the same but in less time.

But why did you changed this? Well, the old numbers.. didn't take in account the amount of DAYS, so Asia only was requiring 235 Gallons which would be TOO broken. Again these numbers will be balanced if is required after looking at the users movement.

And that's all! the process is very simple and has 3 steps.

  • GROW (which is basically to use the seed in a spot)
  • WATERING (using the HKWATER to complete the water requirements to be able to harvest your BUDS)
  • HARVEST (recollect your buds, you will need to have completed the watering process)

About the watering process, the requirements are X amount of GALLONS/HKWATER per DAY of sprouting. For example, a Panama Red seed needs 9 HKWATER PER DAY so will cost you 63 Gallons to Harvest your Buds.

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We will be posting more detailed info about the gameplay, suggestions and updates, so stay tuned in @hashkings and @al-gaming

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I don't mind waiting. Just wondering was the number of water produced per day from a water tower ever announced? I want to know so I can figure out how often I should check in since I only bought the cheapest land package.

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Hey! actually the level 1 water tower produces 30 of water per day. Ill be posting more info about it soon :)

I'll be looking forward to the post about the information and I hope the bugs get sorted out soon.

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So far just like last time I trusted dan the game has flopped.... I even told my self not to buy any land but did so being told this time was different

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Well, if that's your opinion that's fine. However, the numbers will tell otherwise, 397 accounts participated in the presale, many more people are interested in participating in Hashkings. Maybe I'm not getting it right .. but I think there is no reason to say that the game has flopped when we have not started yet. But as I say, I respect your opinion. Thanks 😀

I say it has flopped cause dan has no communication skills and that's bad for a social game.

When you see rising star brewmaster splinterlands the team is super active on the chain.

I understand, it is something that we already reflected on with the latest events and we are focused on improving. We will be constantly uploading content in the official game media.

I appreciate your interest.

Keep up the good work guys. I am ALWAYS more trusting and understanding when leaders are able to be honest and transparent when it comes to negative developments.

Excited to see this grow!