HashKings - Increasing BUDS stake

Currently in HashKings, I am still learning how to balance my resources to add greater value in the game. The first week, I stake BUDS which earns extra staked BUDS each day.

This is good except I can not use the staked BUDS because they need to stay staked to keep earning. There is an additional reward for staked BUDS is earnings fractions of the HKGENTHREE pack on a daily basis.

Staking rewards .002 HKGENTHREE per day.PNG


Earn BUDS by participating in Raids. Currently I have one avatar with 23.4 Power. Raids occur daily. As you can see in this screen shot to get 1 BUDS you need to have avatars with over 298 power.

Avatar Raids earn BUDS at certain level.PNG

I have a way to go but have a plan to get more avatars thus producing more BUDS. Due to this, I add my Lucky Shaggi avatar in each daily raid even though my avatar power is very low.

I need more avatar power.

Staking Avatar Lucky Shaggi in Raid.PNG

BUDS staking

Since I am currently getting 0.002 HKGENTHREE of a avatar pack on a daily basis from my staked BUDS, I am increasing my staked BUDS so that the amount of a pack also increases.

I currently have 5876 BUDS staked.

Current balance 5876.15552678 staked BUDS.PNG

I have staked an additional 458 BUDS. No much but I used all my liquid Swap.Hive to get as many BUDS as possible. I am hoping this increases my daily fraction of a pack drop.

New balance after staking.PNG


I currently have 0.881 HKGENTHREE so I am very close to getting a full pack that I can exchange for additional avatars.

HKGENTHREE balance 0.811 as of 01-31-23.PNG

I have been participating in HashKings Splinterland tournaments in which portions of packs are awarded depending on your placing in the tournament. I have another tournament this week so I am hoping I place high enough to get the remaining portion to get one full pack.


Interesting there appears to be a multiple in buds to budsx. Also looks like about 500 days to earn a pack.


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