Diabetes Awareness Month: Universal Symbol

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DID YOU KNOW...that until 2006, there was no global symbol for diabetes? Unlike many other diseases and illnesses that have symbols to identify with, the diabetes community didn't have one. So they decided to adopt a ** blue circle** as its universal symbol.


Image by World Diabetes Day "WDD"

That's an odd symbol, don't you think? Just a plain blue circle with no identifying letters to signify it's association with diabetes.

What is the purpose of the symbol?
The purpose of the symbol is to give diabetes a common identity. It aims to:

  • Support all existing efforts to raise awareness about diabetes;
  • Inspire new activities, bring diabetes to the attention of the general public;
  • Brand diabetes; and
  • Provide a means to show support of the blue circle. 1

What is the history of the blue circle?
Well, the icon was originally developed for the campaign that resulted in the passage of United Nations Resolution 61/225 “World Diabetes Day.” 1

Why a circle?
A simple blue circle because of the IFD's belief in the circle's frequent occurrence in nature. Supposedly, across cultures, it symbolizes life, health, and Mother Earth. A circle also symbolizes globally an unbreakable unity. 1

Why the color blue?
The IDF states that the blue border of the circle reflects the color of the sky and the flag of the United Nations. They go on to further say, "The United Nations itself is a symbol of unity among nations, and is the only organization that can encourage governments everywhere to fight diabetes and reverse the global trends..." 1

That's a lot about the diabetes symbol and it's history I didn't know.

I want to learn all I can about this disease affecting me, so I'll be exploring different aspects of diabetes the rest of the month. I'd also appreciate it if you would accompany me on my mission.

See you in a few days.

On its website, the International Diabetes Federation ("IDF") welcomes the widespread use of the WDD logo to raise diabetes awareness and support people affected by the condition. 2

The WDD logo is available for download as a zip file in the following languages from this site: http://worlddiabetesday.org/resources/wdd-2019/logo/
Portuguese (Brazil)
Before using the logo, though, they ask that you please read their usage guidelines. They also tell the public that, should they have any questions or need the logo in another language, they can contact WDD @ https://idf.org 2

Image by The American Diabetes from Days of Year.Com

1 Tenderich, Amy. "Why the Blue Circle?," Healthline.Com; https://www.healthline.com/diabetesmine/why-the-blue-circle#2; November 19, 2008.

2 My GLU.Org; "History of the Blue Circle," https://myglu.org/articles/world-diabetes-day-and-the-history-of-the-blue-circle. November 14, 2015

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Thanks for sharing Chris.

I chair a group of 14-15 members that meet once a month. Initially set up by a local medical centre for Diabetes type 2 meetings, our little group now discusses many health issues, especially since most of the members are now elderly. Coincidentially, we'll be having our Christmas lunch on November 14.

I have lost many friends and family members to that dreadful diabetes disease, so I really do appreciate your bringing this one to the attention of fellow steemians for their awareness and contributions. tyvm.

You're welcome. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 a few months ago. Many people I knew in the past only wanted to refer to it as a bit of "sugar." But this disease if much more debilitating causing many other complications to the body.

You are a leader to chair a group dedicated to this disease and are doing a wonderful job helping to spread the word about this disease.

Thanks for your kind words Chris. Let me know if you need someone to talk to re your diagnosis. I'm here for you. If you want, we can "talk" on Telegram. You have you own group there yet?

I'm on telegram. Don't have any group.