Diabetes Awareness Month: Who is at Risk?

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In my previous posts, I attempted to shed some light on the subject of why Diabetes Awareness Month is so important and why it's celebrated. We explored the universal symbol for Diabetes and how it came into existence. If you missed my previous posts or need a refresher, you can access them here:

Diabetes Awareness Month - November, 2019
Diabetes Awareness Month - Universal Symbol

In this post, I'd like to tell you why Diabetes is so devastating to certain individuals and who is at risk for the disease. I have a family history, so I knew that it was a possibility that I might one day have Diabetes.

I thought I was careful, but I got Diabetes anyway. My first sign was Pre-Diabetes. But I didn't take it seriously. Then I got other illnesses and health problems that escalated my Diabetes from Pre-Diabetes to full blown Type 2 Diabetes in a year's time.

I didn't pay attention to the things I was doing to my body that accelerated the disease. I do know that whenever I'm ill with sinus infections, take antibiotics, or get injections in my knee, I feel awful. That's because for me those items increase my A1C number to an alarming level.

The key to controlling your A1C level is to recognize what external stressors activate on your body and work against you with your Diabetes. We don't need any additional stress levels because we're already dealing with the effects of Diabetes on our body.

Now, for those at risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. The people who are the most likely to be candidates and be at risk are individuals who:

  • are not active physically;
  •   or may have limited mobility like I do with arthritis in my knees.
  • are overweight;
  •   check with your doctor to find out what your ideal weight should be.
  • are a smoker;
  •    if you do smoke, find out how you can reduce it or stop.
  • are over the age of forth-five (45) years;
  •   although diabetes may strike sooner.
  • have a family history of either type of diabetes;
  •   I have a family history of Type 2, and diagnosed with Type 2 a few months ago.
  • have high blood pressure (HBP);
  •   I have a family history of HBP and have it myself.
  • have a high HDL cholesterol level;
  •   My cholesterol level is high.  HDL is normally good for you, but
      too much can give you an increased risk of heart attack and death.
  • are of a certain ethnicity;
  •   certain cultures are at an increased risk of getting the disease.
  • have a history of resistance to insulin. 1

If you have any of the above conditions, please see your doctor to check your A1C level. When I finally had my A1C level checked, it was 288. That was dangerously high. You A1C level can determine whether you have pre-diabetes or on the road to getting either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

The reason Diabetes is so devastating is that it can cause serious complications to your health. We'll discuss those complications in my next post.


Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever you are working on.

1 Warning Signs and Risk Factors
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I think I should go to the doctor as I've been feeling lately as if my blood sugar is very low, sometimes out on a walk I suddenly feel as if I can't walk another step, it's as if all my energy has gone.

Hi @wales. I know exactly what you mean. Last year, I had the same feelings but thought I was just tired and needed more rest. When I finally went to dr., that's when I found out my A1C was exceptionally high.

It doesn't cost anything to ask to check your A1C numbers if you think something is wrong. Or just have an annual physical and make sure they check for for it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Hope all goes well for you. If you don't have your health, then you won't be able to write those amazing and creative posts I've read so far. Good luck.

Thanks; I'll probably get a check up next time I'm in there

Remember to ask for your A1C test to get your number. Knowing this will tell whether you're borderline (pre-diabetic) or OK. If pre-diabetic, that's when you need to watch your health more closely.

I'm only 225 lbs. over my ideal weight, or I should be 8'3" @justclickindiva 🤣🤣🤣

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Well, @wonderwop, I don't think you're going to be able to grow to 8'3" at this stage of the game, so probably just work on things you can change. That's what I'm doing. I wish I were a several inches taller to account for my weight, but that won't happen now in my senior citizen years. So, shed the pounds here I come...or at least try. That's a goal for me by year end.

But here comes the holidays. Thanks for taking the time to view my post.

Let's make some changes in our lives that doable. How about that? Take care.

Amazing! I just read a full page article about Diabetes Awareness Month in a local newspaper here in South Africa.
Obesity is a sure struggle here, as are eating behaviors, fizzy drinks and fast foods. So great that this new style of information is out across the world, both in print and on the social sites!
A great post indeed.

Hi @papilloncharity. Yes, awareness is spreading worldwide about this disease. I believe it's deadly effects are brought about partly because of the rapid rise in obesity. Seems like one thing trigges another. And they all work together to drag down your health.

Thanks for visiting my post and taking the time to read it. Appreciate it. Have a great day, and take care.

So true my friend, the chase after quick money has galvanized the fast food businesses and the oils that they use are poison. Especially as many continuous to use the same old oil for weeks on end. There are of course also many other causes, but a series of illuminations to the dangers can certainly benefit many souls.

This is true. The fast food industry must do it's part to alleviate a problem it cased in the first place. The contributing factor of obesity is one I think is the most dangerous because in itself, this disease takes off in a whole other direction that is a monumental problem for certain parts of the world. In the U.S. it's especially serious.

One serious message remains that can bring about real change.
Beware of fried fast foods and processed foods!
Have a good weekend my friend!

This is great here we have diabetes awareness weeks

hi @brittandjosie. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. Diabetes awareness is beginning to take hold worldwide because it doesn't matter what race, creed or color. Everyone can get this disease and its devastating effects.

Appreciate your comments. Take care.

Hi @ justclickindiva,

Thank you very much for sharing the information about diabetes. It is very important to reduce risk factors.

Hi @janaveda You're welcome. Yes, it is important to spread the words about the risk factors of Diabetes. That's why there is worldwide diabetes push to educate everyone. Because the effects are devastating.

Thanks for visiting my post. Take care.

Thanks for sharing this informative post with us. It’s good to keep on top of things that concern our health.

Hi @redheadpei Yes, it is good to stay abreast of health issues affecting everyone. I'm so glad for Diabetes Awareness Month. We must learn all we can to stay healthy.

Thanks for your comments. Appreciate it. Take care.

Too many people seem to take the attitude that either, "it won't happen to me" or "diabetes can be easily controlled". It's serious! I know a lot of people with diabetes and it greatly impacts the lifestyle they would like to have.

@wwwiebe You are correct. People don't take it serious enough. That's why there is this worldwide Diabetes Awareness drive. It's a devastating disease. The effects definitely hinders your lifestyle.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view my post. Appreciate it.

Good to bring awareness to diabetes @justclickindiva! I too have a family history full of this unfair disease. Take care of yourself, follow all of your levels. You can live a healthy and normal life if you do :) Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you @birdsinparadise I kept hoping it would miss me, but it got me later in life in my senior years. I'm now under the dr's care. Trying to change my old habits are hard, especially when I've lived my entire life loving chocolate chip cookies, lol.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view my post. Take care of yourself also.

My mom has diabetes, not the kind that needs insulin. But she is to stay away from anything sweet. Seeing her maintenance meds, I'm motivated to try to eat and be healthy. 😊😊

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hi @iamraincrystal. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Appreciate it.

So sorry to hear your mom has Type 2 diabetes. Wish her an abundance of health. With you looking after her and eating healthy with her so it won't seem like she is alone in this, she will be able to handle it.

Take care.

I remember as a kid the teenage son of one of my parents' best friends was in the hospital with, as my mother called it, "sugar diabetes." I remember asking what "sugar diabetes" was and they said it was from eating too much sugar.

I remember the only thing I thought about after that, was that it was such an awful thing, that sugar could be bad for us.

Hi @free-reign. I was tempted to lol, because I too can remember my parents describing Diabetes as "sugar diabetes." And that you got it from eating too much sugar. So the only way I thought you could get it was to take some sugar out of the sugar jar and put it in your mouth.

Yes, people didn't know the devastating effects of processed sugar back then, along with other processed foods and veggies.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view my post. Appreciate it. Take care.

Oh no there are a lot on the check list for Type 2 diabetes for me. I would need to change my lifestyle. We have an annual medical check up at the office. No findings so far but still would need to change my lifestyle.

Hi @watersnake101. Make sure that at your next annual check up, you ask if an A1C test was part of it to check your numbers for diabetes.

Appreciate you stopping by and reading my post. Take care of your health.

My mum has type 2. I get checked fairly regularly. Luckily I don't have health issues so I can walk the dogs a lot

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That is great. Type 2 is fairly common. I wish your mom a healthy life. I must admit it's hard dealing with it. But you don't have a choice. Especially when you have a family history. I thought I'd escaped it and I wouldn't get it as a senior citizen. But I just found out this year. And I thought I was careful.

Keep up the good work of your exercise while you walk your pet.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my post. Take care.

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Oh no. My family has a history of HBP. This is a good reminder to always be healthy. 😊

Hi @pinoy.viajero Yes, my family also. That's why I have to be careful of so many fronts. It is always good to try to be as healthy as you can.

This is so true. I used to smoke, and im glad that I have quit smoking 10 years ago. 😍

Wow, that is excellent news to hear. Keep going for the next 10.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my post. Appreciate it. Good luck to you on your journey.

it's best to go to the doctor and get your routine checkup, good article.