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Hello everyone!

Here's my motivation for the excusers out there that don't understand the beauty of the Steem blockchain and of the best tribe in the world - CTPTalk!


Happy Sunday!

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I'm so happy that I'm not the only one here that is kicking others in the butt to create and engage... :)

Great post, Eliana! Show them!!!!

Create...curate...engage...and butt kick :)

^^^^^^ This!

Is arguably one of the more important videos everyone at CTP should watch...

Oh my thank you!
Just want to shake some heads!
Hope it reaches some!

I'll send it out and get people seeing it...My goodness, people need to see what's right in front of them.

Great Content, Great Video,
Up-voted & Re-Steemed to our growing online readership.

Thank you so much :)

Nice One! More Power to the Fire Ball!

Hell yeah!!

Thanks for the mention... And thanks for kicking the butts... :P

Made in Canva

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Great video and rant Eliana, and nice peptalk and buttkicking, the fireball is strong with you.

good video and motivation

Thank you!

Great. I been reading some your email letters about you. I will tweet this too :)

Thank you! Appreciate it :)

I Love a good Rant, this was awesome. I've been on the video rant trying to get people to do videos for years. Along with some other rants. Like my infamous Penny Surfer Rant. that one I could have used a better approach to get my message out