It's Crypto Mondays - Just Sitting On The Moon...Thinkin'

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What a weekend....!

Did that, or did that not feel like 2017 all over again?

What a rush....And to top everything off, HIVE got added to Binance, HBTC and then got some USD pairings on Bittrex....

And we've only been online since March 20th....'Officially'

We talk about the weekend that was plus lots of cool things taking place in the CTP Swarm as well....

Thanks for watching the show and hanging out with us!

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Great show. I was away a lot this last couple of weeks working on some business things, school and 'honey-do's'. It was pretty cool to log in today and see this news.

Take care JonO!

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it...Yeah lots of exciting things taking place for sure :)

Maybe bad times are coming for the global economy, but we are doing good focusing on the crypto world! I expect that exactly that would help us to survive the uncertain period in front of us...

Take action now!

It's going to mean so much, to so many people in the near future....I love being a part of it right now :)

more are await to come

I really believe that as well...Think this is just the beginning!

Thanks for a great show @jongolson and @blainjones, and there is lots of stuff going on now, lets see where Hive will stabilize after the Huobi promotion is over, and great things coming for the CTPswarm by the hints you gave, and yes there is a lot of ways to make money on Hive and CTPtalk, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Think it’s over now isn’t it? Heard it was April 28th or something.

Yeah I heard that too, stay awesome.

It's not over yet, only just beginning!

So true man...Feels like things are really about to get crazy here in the next few weeks and months.

great show tonight, fact filled and some fun as well.

yeah man. we had a blast. it’s so easy to get pumped about everything going on here.