Do You Like Street Art? - #2020Vision Challenge Day 41

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Today, I have created a bit different entry for my #2020Vision challenge... I hope that you will like it...

OMG... I have said a totally different name of the artist in the video... I truly apologize for doing it... :( You can find more details about him and his work in my post from a few months ago

This is also an awesome example of building a brand!

You can find more details about the #2020Vision challenge in the first post by @pixiepost here:


Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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Very Nice One

Thanks for your comment, Chef!

Hi @ph1102 - I love street art, Public space art is excellent and can be extremely powerful. I spent many years supporting Artisyts of all sorts to show their work.
I have no sound at day job so wasnt able to hear what you were saying, but the installation was very powerful and I am sure stirs some very deep emotions in many peeple.
The starkeness of the items being painted white demonstartes a disconnectedness and a distance, almost an ethereal context yet so very real by being everyday objects that we can all realte to, The element of child being very pignant.
I can imagine the hardship of having ones life thrown into upheival at the hands of things out of your control is very personal and the Artist has portrayed this through this visual medium.
It brings home to me notins of countries in turmoil, displacement, refugee status as well as home life being destroyed and the aftermath of the impact this has on family, friends, neighbours and passersby.
I will watch the video again when I get home from day job and hear what you have to say :)

Thanks for your comment, Russell... Well, I didn't explain the pieces separately in the video... I was as an amateur art "observer" :)

Anyway, art in any shape is real food for our soul...