I Am Alive | Day 23 What Is Your Truth?

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This is Day 23 for a challenge powered by Erik Gustafsson @flaxz, which asks us to embrace gratitude for the things in our daily life that keeps us going in today's world. It also brings more awareness to our growing #HIVE blockchain community.

May is a month of rejuvenation & starting over...as I enjoy some quiet time on this Sunday afternoon, an important question comes to mind as the Universe nudges all of us.... ;)

Remember, we are all in this together. 💜

This #IAmAliveChallenge was created by Eric Gustafsson @flaxz. For further details: https://peakd.com/hive-100421/@flaxz/glmrrjya

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You are right... sometimes we are pulled in something and we "think" that that's our "thing", and missing the right one... so, we have to look deeper...
I have that feeling lately...

Yes, I have been feeling that way as well so my quest has been ongoing. It's the question of what gives YOU joy, not what everyone else wants. 🙌🦋💗

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I have only been doing the challenge for 15 days now but it has make me appreciate what I am doing and what is going on much more.