Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroach is a type of cockroach that can be seen in our homes, in front of the door and in the garden. Although cockroaches are similar to each other, they are divided into different species.

Oriental cockroaches are of the kind that live and move together. They like humid environments and the night. That's why we often see them at night in bathrooms or toilets. Their height is between 2-5 cm and their feet resemble the feet of spiders. These insects leave vomit and feces where they roam at night. Male oriental cockroach has a hard and shiny crust on its back.


Oriental cockroaches are non-poisonous and they do not bite humans, either. After mating, they lay around 300 eggs in different places. Their preferred places are bathrooms, toilets; between wood and parquet, cracks, and secluded places such as under white goods. They are one of the dirtiest insect species as they love dark, dirty and humid environments. They carry many germs and diseases.

Oriental cockroaches eat all kinds of nutrients. Usually they feed on crumbs that fall on the ground. Since they carry germs and diseases, it is necessary not to leave any food in the house until disinfection. Using poisonous remedies could also be effective. After taking the poisonous remedy, it will return to its nest and die there. Thus, others in the nest will also as oriental cockroaches eat each other's corpse.


I did not know this type of cucuracha my cats bring me sometimes of age that are more known, these look something stronger

Lives mostly in the house.

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