LIVERPOOL- 0 vs 1 -BURNLEY , 83' goal . DATA and CHARTS

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Good morning to everyone , I have been posting cricket match stats with data and charts for couple of days now and thought why not post about soccer too .

I thought Liverpool will have an easy win but boy was I wrong . 83' goal by Ashley Luke Barnes won the game for Burnley.

Let's take a look at some numbers-

Total Shots


27 to 6 but still it didn't matter . Take a look at the below chart -


Shots on goal was 22% of total shots . Shots off goal is more than Shots on goal .

But let's look at Burnley's


Shots Blocked is 0 and although number of Shots is very less - Shots on Goal is more than Shots off Goal.



Liverpool when it comes to passes have more than double than Burnley . It was not just Liverpool's day?


It is often said that possession wins matches - true? Nope not always


Well at the end Liverpool lost the match 0-1 to Burnley and that is it .

Current standings -

  • Liverpool at 4th ( but they haven't won last 5 matches :( )
  • Burnley 16th .

That's it from me today . What more stats would you like to see in the future posts ? Let me know in the comments.