Anomaly of positive swabs for Lazio F.C.

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There is a case in Italy that in the last two weeks has been literally causing a lot of discussion and concerns the Lazio club, a team involved in the Champions League qualifiers. Well, the day before leaving for Belgium for the UFC match against Club Brugge on October 28, as usual, the players underwent the test for Covid-19, although a few days earlier they had already done it for the match of Italian championship.


The test shows that some Lazio players tested positive and quarantined, the players in question are Immobile, Leiva and Strakosha. The analyzes of the UEFA swabs, however, are in contrast with those made by the Lazio club at the Avellino biomedical center which instead found negativity, which is why the players were ready to leave for the away match.

The issue triggered investigations by the judicial authorities who are verifying any anomalies by the biomedical center, suspecting falsification of tampons in order to be able to deploy the players on the field. From further investigations, the focus would be on the little positive charge found by the center of Avellino cataloging a non-dangerousness of the athletes and therefore no danger of contagion for the opponents and the teammates themselves.

UEFA has also initiated investigations into the matter and if it finds fraudulent anomalies, Lazio risks elimination from the competition, among other things losing millions of euros due to being removed from the competition. A very special case that is always alive in the Italian football environment and repercussions are also feared on the Serie A championship, even here with the risk for Lazio of being heavily penalized and seriously risking relegation to Serie B.

The story is truly incredible and the Biancoceleste management seems to have not yet given sufficient explanations to dispel any doubts on the matter. At the moment the investigations are proceeding assiduously and it is estimated that a response from the prosecutor will probably arrive by mid-December. It's a really tough environment to play in for footballers and staff who feel threatened by heavy repercussions, impacting performance during these weeks' football matches.

Lazio for its part is preparing for a potential legal action against UEFA for the damages caused by these investigations, disputing the positive swabs found in turn by their laboratory. A story that has little to do with sport but which unfortunately could affect both the Italian football championship and the UEFA Champions League. In the coming days we will have more information on this


That all seems a bit strange to me. What o they gain by doctoring tests? Or is it just a mistake somewhere in the testing. On the Uefa side of things. It will be interesting to see and the first i'm hearing about it.

there are many question marks but the problem is the different interpretation by the two medical laboratories on the positive charge of the virus.

But whether the virus load is high or low, the patient is always contagious. We will see a bit 'how it will turn out

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