Belgian Play-Offs Week 2 Sunday | Kv Mechelen vs Kv Oostende

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These are previews from matches involving Belgian Teams with all the latest on team news, player form, injuries along with my personal betting angles, ...

Some solid profit yesterday with the in-game betting ( all shared during the game on the SBC Discord Server) mostly betting the slow start & a bunch of goals out of nowhere in the 2nd half playoff pattern. I also ended siding with Seraing who just were the better team making the deserved promotion to the first league. One more match for this week today between Mechelen and Oostende...

KV Mechelen vs KV Oostende

KV Mechelen played a 1-1 draw against AA Gent last week scoring the 1st goal in minute 30' on a deflected ball directly followed bt the 0-2 a couple minutes later. AA Gent managed to make a comeback with both teams that kept trying after the 2-2 without extra goals. Being 5 points behind on Oostende, this is pretty much a must-win game for Mechelen if they still want to have a chance to grab a conference league ticket. Oostende has somewhat of a revival last week finding back their best form against a poor Standard. It was clear to see that their team atmosphere and motivation are high right now. The over trend during the playoffs is real and lines mostly seem to be adjusted to it. They open quite high and the line nearly always gets pushed higher. For this match, it is at O 3.25 which is not something I want to get into pre-game given how most goals come later in the match, and Oostende during the regular season was also an under away team going 9W-3.5L vs away under. The previous match between these 2 (week 29) was a match with good pace and a dominant Oostende while Mechelen lured on the counter. After falling behind, Mechelen pushed forward but mostly created corners (16 in total with 11 or Mechelen) with Oostende finishing the 2-0 late in a match where Mechelen deserved to score. The match before (week 5) also ended with plenty of corners (15). This should in theory be quite an open match but I'm unwilling to get in on the high total line since Oostende away hasn't exactly been an over machine. I did place a small initial bet on Over 9.5 Corners @ 1.925 with an eye to possibly increase my position in-game. KV Mechelen 1st Half +0 @ 1.854 also is an s option as they were a really solid 1st half home team only losing once while Oostende away in 1st half landed 3rd last in the 1H Table. It should be a fun match and I do expect more in-game betting action.

Late info might change my view on what is written in these previews. I will cover these matches live in our SBC Discord Channel. All my bigger pre-game & Live bets can automatically be followed on Copytip.

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24/04/2021Racing Genk 1st Half
11/01/2021Standard vs Waasland
03/10/2020OHL vs Zulte 1H Under

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