Here We Go Again

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Question marks already raised can it go through or not as shipping needs to leave now. I expect it to be put on hold, but teams will still have to send stuff ahead no matter what just in case.

Now is the off season for the Formula One circus but that is so far from the truth as they literally have less than 60 days before they are back at it again. The Australian Grand Prix is however looking more than ever of sadly being postponed or cancelled yet again. The truth is nothing has changed and things are looking far worse than they were last year.


Forget the calendar as this is going to be a work in progress competing races in batches and will be a logistical nightmare yet again.

An ambitious year lies ahead with a calendar that plans to have 23 races over 9 months and my guess is how many are we going to see outside of Europe this year? I like all of you am hoping for all of them, but that is way too early to think like that right now.

The teams have to put the uncertainty out of their minds and concentrate on what they can control. The UK where most of the teams operate out of are in a lock down yet they are still able to work thankfully. Many of the teams have helped the NHS out with ventilators and are a trusted supply source these days.

The teams are working on the designs for 2022 as this seasons car is basically the same as last years except the likes of McLaren who have a Mercedes engine this season so many of the components and inner workings had to change. Things like the cooling systems and the chassis had to be more accommodating and tweaked which is very much like overhauling the entire car.

With the data they gathered from last season McLaren with the Mercedes engine expects to be far more competitive this season. They did shock quite a few last season as the car seems to be improving telling everyone what they are doing is correct.

The 2022 car which was supposed to be running this season, but due to Covid was put on hold giving the teams more time has allowed others to catch up. Teams like Williams have made a deal with Mercedes to have some crucial parts supplied to them like the complete gearbox and some related hydraulic parts. This makes sense as it gives Williams the entire year to work in other areas like the chassis and the downforce along with aero dynamics.

Formula One from next season allows these types of deals as long as the teams build a majority of the car themselves. Williams already had a Mercedes engine so acquiring the gear box I believe is a good move. This will save both teams money as making more will only reduce the price overall. Toto Wolff the head of Mercedes F1 is firstly a businessman at heart and also a Williams shareholder so he wins both ways.

I am hoping this Covid stuff goes away as I fear even with how well the Formula One teams did last season this round of Covid is more contagious and may put the brakes on things. Lando Norris is currently in isolation after testing positive this week.