OCD Sports Curation Incubation Update

This week was a really big week for sports as we welcomed 47 new members to our sporting clan. That is big growth considering that is nearly double the average over the last 6 months and tells us we are doing something right. I am not sure if the Hive account numbers are up and that is a reflection of the new users joining various tribes, but good news whatever the case. 1477 is our total and 1500 should be a dead certainty for next week and we are ahead of target with 2000 the goal set by the end of the year. It would be great if everyone was actively posting and commenting instead of just being a number.

This week 21 posts were selected for curation purposes which tells me we are missing out as @ocd are here to curate and reward users. As a community I shouldn't be struggling to find 5 per day and should be flooded with at least double that figure. These are the times we earn and grow our accounts as just wait for the bull run to hit and see how quickly things change. From what I have seen in the past the numbers on here will triple if not even more as I imagine sports is something everyone can all write about.

I am hoping to add a new person to the curation team this week as me and my big mouth asked @actifit to try and do better posts that would qualify for curation. I do believe many are not even aware they qualify for curation and why so little effort is put into the bulk of their posts. Little effort not in the activity, but the post itself and on the rare occasion have curated a fair number.

Having a new set of eyes curating will help not only find new posts, but also help gear us up for the spam and abuse posts we are sure to see over the coming months. I do this curation project for @ocd out of love for sport and the community as at the time I did believe the tribe was in trouble. It wasn't long ago we had dwindling numbers hovering around if memory serves me well 747 or 750 ish which we have doubled since. There is still a long road to travel and believe we can get to 5000 members comfortably over the next year.

I have a new member joining this week who is a top fisherman and maybe that could attract others. Fishing is big in the sports world yet we don't have any posts on it here and maybe that could unlock a flood of new members to the community. Just got to keep on trying as it will happen somehow probably when we are least expecting it.

I can' t stress on everyone how important it is to stay active and to grow whilst you still can as this is the time that makes a difference. There were a few posts that were already well rewarded and why I skipped those this week. I believe if you have $20 or $30 in rewards already then @ocd is better suited for finding other posts that need some attention. It is just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes and all about the timing of the votes.

Please everyone if you have extra Hive Power consider delegating to @ocdb as not only do they support us but you also get a daily dividend payout back for that delegation. Onwards and upwards and hoping for a bumper week of great posts next week. Have a great weekend everyone.


Great news on gaining 47 new members this week 👏

Nice momentum, hopefully we attract just as many this week.

Lets hope so as the more members we have the better it is for everyone.

Yes, definitely and hopefully the new members post quality content and push the envelope further.

I think the work of curation is always right in this community, except this week I was left out I guess for the reasons you say, I have always been rewarded my content according to the level that has and that's great because both the user and the community grow, congratulations on this new achievement, and now let's go for more and more.

Well, I wouldn't say you should stress yourself but you made me know and realize I could actually do more with and on my writeups and I think you can still do more of that with and to many others to keep the community booming!

Thanks for all you do anyways!

I manually curate on this sports account. I see a lot of Actifit posts that I pass by just because they really don't add anything to it. I know there's more to each story.