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Good day sports lovers, today I bring you news of all the actions that took place last weekend in the Europa League, Champions League and as well as the English Premier League.

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Now, let’s start our first move with the Europa league at the north London derby at Old Trafford were Man united once again welcomed their rivalry Roma for a second tie in the Europa league semi-finals. The match ended a 3-2 victory over united but Manchester United still qualify for the finals still in the Europa league with 8-5 on Aggregate.

Arsenal also had a game in the Europa league semi-finals with their opponents Villarreal which ended in 0-0 draw but credits still goes to the Villarreal side as the also qualify for the finals in the Europa league.

On the 26th of May, Man united and Villarreal will be meeting at Poland for the Europa league finals.

In the champions league, it was a fantastic display at the London derby at Stanford bridge were Chelsea welcomed Real Madrid for their second leg match in the Champions league semi-finals after their 1-1 draw. It was a deserved win for the blues as the kept the game under control and much pressure on their opponents which led them to a 2-0 victory over Real Madrid and 3-1 on aggregate.

This win has been a big move for the Londoners to make history as the get ready to meet with their opponents Man City. Since 2012 both teams have not met in the champions league finals but here there are and for sure it is going to be an interesting game to watch.

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Just to spice it up, throughout this weekend fans has been arguing and discussing as well as predicting the game between Chelsea and Man City in the champions league, well for me I can’t say considering the fact that Man City were also beaten in the premier league by Chelsea, all we need to is to wait for the 29th of May, that the game is going to be played.

Indeed, it has been an interesting and surprising weekend with all the actions that took place in the English Premier League, here are the amazing results, starting with a Newcastle defeat over Leister City in a 4-2 full time score, moving over to Ellan Road were Tothenham had a tough time with Leeds United and the game ended in a 3-1 victory to Leeds.

Now at the London derby, were Chelsea had a good time with their rivalry in a 2-1 victory over Man City in the premier league. Also as the battle continues for the top four flight in the Premier League table, were West ham and Everton had a time out at the London stadium but it was still a disappointing one for David Moyes and his men has there were defeated by 1-0 down with the goal from Calvert-Lewin in the 24th minute of the game.

Now looking at the bottom of the table were West Brom had a chance with Arsenal to move out of the relegation zone but had no chance to due to a tactical display by Arsenal in a 3-1 victory.

And that is all on football updates today, and I advise you stay in touch with this blog for more, thanks for stopping by as well.



I can't wait to see Manchester City vs Manchester United for the Super cup. It's going to be a crazy Manchester Derby!

Am looking forward to it as well and thank you so much for stopping by @nucleus-tezz.

You're welcome friend. I hope to see more of your good posts.

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