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It is so sad that the pandemic period has withheld so much sports excitement which during the days before the pandemic it wasn't like that.

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During the pandemic case, a lockdown was issued, and also gathering was banned. What was in the mind of people was to stay safe, avoid the crowd, wear a mask, and keep the social distance but today, the lockdown or curfew has been removed but yet still, activities are not going back to normal most especially the gathering of people in the stadium to watch the match.

The covid 19 has brought in so many rules that have stopped the gathering of people due to the fear of disease spreading.

Fans no longer have the opportunity of going to the stadium to celebrate and watch their best club because of this issue and are only opportune to watch them on televisions, radio stations, and the rest of their devices.

It is no more a secret that the pandemic isn't going to stop anytime soon as the cases are becoming more critical. The stadium is becoming isolated because of this pandemic. The government isn't saying much about everything returning to the way they were before the interruption of the covid 19.

No words are heard about this and it is slowing down the interest of the fans about going back to how it was.

Is this going to be a normal norm or are there any chances of it going back to it normal?


Good afternoon, in short, COVID 19 affects the area of sport, the training of athletes do not have the same performance, the seasons have been postponed, the games are behind closed doors. There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the pandemic around the world.

You are right about that and the situation isn't a good one. It is a pity that we are not sure about what next will happen because of this pandemic.

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