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Interestingly, Man United was not left out in the final games which were scheduled to happen before Christmas after the resume of the EFL cup.

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Like we know, the game was to happen between the Man United team and the Everton team and as expected, the game between these two teams was incredible.

The game was indeed an eyesore as both teams were all gambling on the pitch trying to prevent the other team from scoring any goal and all effort was a success as the first half ended with both teams having 0-0 in the scoreline.

Anyways, the teams wouldn't want the game to end that way as they put int more effort in the second half even though it was a tight one but the screaming, anxiousness, and nervousness came in when the Man United players began to show how much they were well prepared to make a score.

We could see the fierceness and determination of Anthony Martial in the remaining minute as he assisted his team players in bringing the ball to the goal post and also made a run for his own score.

In getting the gaol, Uruguayan forward, Martial and Marcus Rashford were the providers of the goals and the goals were indeed well-timed. It came at the right time when it was needed.

I would say, the game had already been destined to be in the favor of Man United even though from the beginning the game looked all tight like they wouldn't be retiring with a smile and goal, but it still came out in their favor.

They really worked hard till they were able to get the gaol at the end of the march when nobody expected it.

With the scoreline, it is obvious that Man United will be walking majestically and smiling into the next competition which would be taking place in the year 2021.

Also, while other teams were sad about their encounter this week before Christmas, I am very sure the Man United team will be jubilating because of their success as this score will give them smiling faces going into the Christmas holiday and 2-0 was a good win for the Man United team.

Man United was the slack and loopholes in Everton and they took that initiative to attack and fill that gap so I think they deserve the game.

The performance of Manchester United in gaining victory at the end even though the match was tough for both teams can't be disputed. They really did amazing work on the field.

Although I never guessed that the game would have turned out the way it did because of the performances of Everton since the beginning of this season but like I always said, it's football and anything can happen at the end minutes when anyone least expected it.

Congratulations to Man United as they emerge as the winner and I guess this Christmas holiday will be an incredible one for them because of their win.