The Sunday Night Sports Nerd Show - Playoffs....Week 2!

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Fun fact...

No one circles the wagons....Like the Buffalo Bills!

First time in 25 years, the Bills will be playing int he AFC championship next weekend.

In other news...The Browns lost :(

So we're headed to Kansas City!

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I was actually on the edge of my seat during the Chiefs / Browns game. I can't believe that Cleveland did as well as they did. On the flipside, New Orleans really dropped that one. With 3 INT's the victory on the part of Tampa Bay was a game of really bad errors on the part of New Orleans and I think they subbed out Drew Brees quite possibly too late.

I have heard that this was meant to be Brees' final game and if so, it is unfortunate that he has to go out on what might actually be one of the worst performances of his career.

Sucks that he went out like that, but the storybook endings rarely happy in sports.

Such a legend though. One fo the greatest to play the position for sure.

I reckon he signs back on for another season so that he doesn't have to be remembered for going out like this. I am sure NO fans would like that also.

To play against Kansas tho that 😎. About the 25 years. . We be having the games on. 💢💯

Can't wait...To be the best, we have to beat the best :)