The agony of being a Chelsea fan

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Being a fan of one of the biggest clubs In the world, it's always expected to demand trophies from the Coaches. For Chelsea, that has been the case too. The fans' demands are so high that a weak coach could easily break under pressure. That's one reason coaches employed at Chelsea are always a hard nut to crack.

Over the years the lofty expectations and demands of Chelsea fans from either players and Coaches had grown. The more we win, the more we want to keep winning. That has always led to one or two charges at the club every season. On the good side of these changes, it shows that the club is hungry for success and they are willing to go the extra mile to achieve this. The negative aspect of this is that stability seems like a luxury at a club as big as Chelsea.

The joy of watching a player you love so much play at the realm of the club for as long as you want without having to worry if the club might ship him out tomorrow is purely awesome, but it's mostly unattainable at Chelsea. The reason could be pinpointed to the fact that Chelsea's constant changes in management have always reflected in the heavy business's doing in the transfer market.

Different coaches bring different ideologies and the frequency of how the changes are made is quite alarming. That changes are what bring about good and fans' favorite layers being shipped out of the club due to not suiting the coaching style of play. That has made Chelsea lost a lot of good and perfect players that could have not only won titles for the club but moved the club to where it visualizes itself in years to come.

I have a lot of players who were my favorite players while at Chelsea and some of them were the likes of Mata, Matic, Fabregas and Costa; a whole remains. Aside from coaches' stability, let's talk about the tough contract negotiations players had to go through just to stay at the club. Chelsea has a philosophy that every player aged 30 is liable to get just a year contract. That is absurd, a player that has given you its all in his more youthful days would have to fight to earn a contract of just a year is crazy.

This contract has seen club legends such as Terry, Lampard, Ashley Cole, Willian, Drogba, and a whole lot of other players aged over 30 leave the club. I don't think they know the immense pressure it puts the player in every time they take the pitch to play for Chelsea. They had to play with more caution and in football players with more caution rarely bear fruits. To get results one has to be ambitious, fearless, take more risks also. Since the luxury is not been provided for them, they seek greener pasture elsewhere.

If the oldies were the problem, then why not give the young Chelsea stars a chance then. Unlike other teams in the world, they give their young players a chance to shine, a platform to make mistakes and grow but at Chelsea, you performing excellently well doesn't assure you a place in the team for the next few weeks. You will be surprised that such a young star might never get the first-team start that season again. All these are pointers that make young players leave the club in search of greener pastures elsewhere.

The number of players to have left the Chelsea youth team is quite discouraging. Chelsea is known to have one of the best youth team setups in the world still fails to Integrate them in the first-team setup. This has been changing since Lampard being named as Chelsea boss, the likes of Abraham, Mount, tomori, Hodson, and Gilmour has had more chance to take to the pitch more than their predecessors ever enjoyed. Although the Integration is slow, the ones achieved so far could also be termed as a success so far.

Aside from the youth team and oldies been pushed out of the club, the biggest heartbreak Chelsea fans suffer is selling quality players too soon. Chelsea has a habit of giving players too little time in proving themselves. I know the coaches are under pressure to win something and that affords them little time to try out quality players within their ranks. This has further led to Chelsea missing out on the game stars in the game playing for them. The most annoying thing of all is that seeing the players play week in week out in the same league is killing. The likes of Salah and Kelvin De bruyne were been given little or no time to shine at the club and they made sure Chelsea paid for such act by being the best in their respective roles.

Other stars to have fallen in this bracket are Romelu Lukaku, Ryan Bertrand, Oriol Romeu, Thorgan Hazard, and Daniel Sturbridge top the list among others. Chelsea fans remain very hopeful that this doesn't happen again and they get to enjoy the services of players signed by them in the first place. That has been one of the reasons why the relationship between Lampard and the Chelsea fans has been a very bittersweet one. A relationship where the coach understands all that the fans have been through and he is doing his best to correct the mistakes of the past.

His methods so far as been failing has the positions Chelsea finds themselves on the league table is not pleasing in the eyes of the fans. Although he has given the fans one of their wish which is playing attractive attacking football and also giving youngsters the chance to shine but the result is a major concern now. Regardless of how well or how bad Lampard fares this season, he is destined to finish this season as Chelsea head coach but the team must start performing now.


The biggest problem with Chelsea is they don't have the x factor amongst any of their players. The coach is inexperienced and naïve and was put into the position 5 years too soon. they need two or three big players to help the youngsters grow and improve. I can only see the Europe League next season if they are lucky and even that is going to be a battle to achieve.

An Europa league might be a miracle if their results continue like this. I feel we need four players sincerely. A striker, two midfielders and a winger.

With Aston Villa and Southampton playing each game like their life depends on it, Chelsea might end up outside the top 7 on the league table