What went down in Super Cup final match between Athletic and Barcelona

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Yesterday's super cup final match was one of a kind. Talk about football being played to the maximum, then you have a snapshot of the match outcome. The twist and the turns of the match made it unpredictable to the end of the game. The eventual winners of the match Athletic Bilbao had to clinch the title at extra time.

They were deserving winners had they had to firstly discard real Madrid from the competition. they won real Madrid in the semi-final with a 2-1 scoreline before upsetting Barcelona with a 3-2 win. The final match has so much occurrence that puts all watching the game on the edge. It was fun and entertaining, yet put not just the players on the pitch under the pressure but the fans too.

The player who stars for Barcelona was Antionio Griezman. He was the man who scored all their goals of the night. He opened the scoring in the match with a lovely technique in the 40th minute. The goal was equalized 2 minutes later by the athletic club. He later added a second goal late in the second half at 77 minutes through a Jodi Alba assist. Many would have thought that was the goal that would win Barcelona the trophy but the opponent equalized at 90 minutes plus To take the game to extra time.

For Athletic Bilbao, Inaki Williams and Iker Muniain was their best player of the night as the two were involved in all goals scored for their team. Willaims was the first to be involved as laid an Assist for Oscar de Marcos to score and draw the game level on the 42nd minutes. Muniain combined with Villalibre to derive the game into extra time by laying an assist in the nick of time to draw his side level and send the game to an extra time.

Athletic Bilbao started the better side of the extra time as Willaims and Muniain combined to put Bilbao ahead. Williams the scorer this time as his tireless running and pressure paid off in the 94th minutes. The goal won the game but it wasn't the end of all events in the match. At the 120th minute of extra time, the unexpected happened as the Virtual assistant referee spotted an incident unseen by the officiating referee.

Barcelona star play, Messi, showed an un-sportsmanship behavior by unleashing a martial art kind of move on an opponent. That resulted in him getting a straight red card. Such action coming from Messi was unexpected and unwarranted. It remains to be seen if he will be further punished or he will be let go. Many sighted frustrations for his action but the player should blame himself more.

In the meantime, congrats to Athletic Bilbao for a well-deserved victory