Ajax-Roma 1-2: what a feat for Roma in Amsterdam!

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Hello everybody, I'm an A.S.Roma fan and i gotta share with you the excitement for our last match against Ajax!

It's been a difficult match yesterday for Roma, in the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals against Ajax.
Roma was close to collapse after Klassen's goal and when the referee whistled a penalty for Ajax, which could have been 2-0 for Ajax. Then Pau Lopez hypnotized Tadic and in that moment the game changed radically.
11 Roman Gladiators bravely recovered the disadvantage and won 2-1 against Ajax.

Key players of the match:

  • Pau Lopez, who hypnotized Tadic on the penalty that could have been the momentary 2-0 for Ajax.
  • Ibanez, author of the doubling for Roma, who stoppe the ball from his chest and throws an unstoppable bomb.

A courageous, determined Roma we're seeing in the Europa League matches, very different from the last disappointing performances in Serie A. A fundamental victory, in a period that is not exciting for the results in Serie A and for the game expressed, but this win provide us confidence for the progress in the Europa League.
Those who pass the round will challenge the winner between Granada and Manchester United in the semifinals of the Europa League, which ended 0-1 for United in the first leg.

What a shame that we couldn't support the Giallorossi from the Johann Crujff Arena in Amsterdam, it'a always been one of my dreams to experience such a match in a fantastic city like Amsterdam.

And now let's enjoy the highlights of the match: