Staking 200,000 SPORTS

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I just keep powering up for my sportstalksocial account. Today I am staking 200,000 SPORTS. And I will stake more and more SPORTS. I get a lot of SPORTS from curating and posting, I will stake most of them.


We have to promote Sportstalksocial to our friends who love Sports since they may post their activities on sports here and earn some Sports token.

We hope that Sportstalksocial will be mass adopted in the future. When it happen, the the price of SPORTS is going to be higher than today’s price.

I also encourage Sportstalksocial user to stake more SPORTS. If you want to sell some, it’s okey. But, don’t sell every single SPORTS that you’ve earn.

If you stake SPORTS, make sure to include #sportspower tag. I will curate your posts.


Awesome... I am staking every sports token received as curation or author rewards.. even before the power up Challenege and after the challenege also...
Thanks for your support...
!GIPHY sports

Well done, my friend :)

I just Staked like +38,000 Sports and I'm happy what I'm seeing here so far

May be new year will come with some new features and great news for sports community.
Hope to see bull run.. Till then hold and stake.

I started with 200sportspower now am in 1200. I plan to make a post about it when I get to 10K sports power and I believe there is still more development to come in the community

It will definitely come , hang around :)

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Sports will go higher . We shall wait . It is time we community got involved and help patrick . You are doing a great job so thank you.

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I have also been staking everyday since the challenge ended :)

wow.. this is awesome .. I am setting up my sports curation account and I am also staking my tokens every day. Hopefully, I will start curation this weekend

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