Can We See SPORTS Tokens On dCity?

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If you love sports and want to talk about it on Hive blockchain, the first thing that comes to your mind is SportsTalkSocial. You will find like-minded people here who are passionate about sports.

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You earn SPORTS tokens for the content you shared on this tribe. To hold the tokens value and has a bigger impact, the more you can use the tokens for something, the better. It will give people more reasons to hold the tokens that positively impact the SportsTalkSocial ecosystem as well as draws more attention.

If you love playing games, you might have heard about dCity on Hive blockchain. dCity is a city simulator game based on Hive Engine NFT tokens. You can build your virtual city over there. This is awesome! What is more interesting is, you see some tokens like BEER, WEED, STEM, and CCC are integrated on dCity that has a use case.

You can arrange events and spend those tokens. You can hold some cards on Dcity and it will give some tokens. For example, Casino gives GAMER tokens, Brewery distributes BEER tokens and WEED Farm produces WEED tokens daily.

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It would be great if we see SPORTS tokens on dCity and specific cards that produce SPORTS tokens. @invest4free have made a post about it. You can read this post - Dcity: Proposal for a new event.

SportsTalkSocial made different initiatives in the past. Now we see @sportstalksocial adopted @hiveonboard's account creation service to help users get Hive account quickly. Not only that, but they also reached out to @brandongowton from Bleeding Green Nation that will help promote SportsTalkSocial and Hive in the Philadelphia market.

Isn't it wonderful if we could see SPORTS tokens on dCity? What do you think? Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. It would be great if we get a response from SportsTalkSocial founder @patrickulrich about this.

That's it for now. See you around!

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I would love to see SPORTS on dcity! I don't know what would be needed from us to get this ball rolling but would certainly help push.

Glad to know that! :)
@gerber is the owner of dCity. He is the right person to answer any question about this.

Nice I've reached out to see if we can get something moving.

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Certainly if SPORTS integrates with the game dCity I will not hesitate to start playing.

Who knows, maybe that's what I'm missing as another dCity player. It will be very interesting SPORTS to make this partnership.

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People use other tokens on dCity. If SPORTS token is there, we will use that as well. It can create more demand in the market and we might see the positive changes in SPORTS price.

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It will be nice I have 2 stadiums and one gym :) And lot of sport in my alt acc

You cannot imagine stadiums without sports. It would be more interesting if we see SPORTS token is there like BEER, WEED, STEM, and CCC.

Great idea 💡, this a great suggestion, I vote to see Sports token integrated to DCity.

If tribe owners consider this, we will see more tokens on dCity. Many people like to see SPORTS tokens on dCity, I think. We don't know what's coming up in the next dCity updates. Looking forward to it.

Thank you @dfacademy for your feedback. I appreciate that!

Fingers crossed for the next dCity update! Who wouldn't love to see more liquidity for Sports token.

Hey @rezoanulvibes, here is a little bit of BEER from @outlinez for you. Enjoy it!

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Very nice idea, how you would like to do it?