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Hurricane Shaheen in the North Arabian Sea delayed flights to Muscat Airport in Oman. Due to this, there was uncertainty about the journey of Bangladesh cricket team to the World Cup.

But that fear is gone now. The flight was delayed by an hour. The Bangladesh team led by Mahmudullah Riyadh will leave for Oman at 11:30 am instead of 10:30 pm on Sunday.

Bangladesh team is going to Oman 14 days before the first round of T20 World Cup. From there, the Bangladesh team is scheduled to leave for the United Arab Emirates on October 9. The practice is scheduled to start there on October 11. There are two warm-up matches on October 12 and 14.

Scotland is Bangladesh's first opponent in the T20 World Cup on October 16. Bangladesh will play the next two matches in the first round against Oman and Papua New Guinea on October 19 and 21. Dudal will be in the last twelve from the group. Afghanistan will be the first opponent of Bangladesh in Sharjah on October 25.

Bangladesh's second match on October 26 with the team that passed the first round. On November 3, Bangladesh will face New Zealand in Dubai. November 5 and 6 India and Pakistan.

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