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WoW I guess I’ve never stopped by the STS front-end. I haven’t even poked around a lot, but to be honest, I was interested in creating a front end geared towards action sports, but I don’t see that as being necessary at all! Wow I feel completely floored, I’ve been earning the sport tokens, and never really connecting the dots. Now I’m going to do everything I can to make this tokens value increase, bad adding content and engaging with the folks here!
I’m trying to work with my friend @rain.daresss to get some more rollerblading footage to bring to you guys.

As for for sports in general, for work.. I help to build artificial turf sports fields for elementary to universities like OSU/UofP and national teams like the Portland timbers

Most of the time, I am using my cellphone to make posts.. but I promise.. as time goes on,
I will put more effort into and flare into these blogs.. I’m having trouble atm uploading a picture to this one from my phone atm..


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