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RE: Make Hive the wordpress of crypto. Monetized communities.

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I think this is on the roadmap - the ability for communities to have their own ads space and get the revenue. @asgarth is that right? Is PeakD going to develop something like this or is it a feature for Hivemind which then all frontends can utilize?


If it is then that's a huge step towards bringing in users in my opinion. It opens up so many options for expansion and creates a real reason to use hive that doesn't exist at the moment.

It creates that incentive for people to bring their following to hive and earn from it. At the moment if a decent sized creator lands on hive they need to be supported by the community and some large stakeholders or they leave for more money somewhere else.

With this the incentive is to bring people here and grow your own fan base to make the money. Even better than wordpress as you have a ready to use blog and existing community to try and get to join. From there you can bring in more external people and keep growing.

OK, just saw this update by someone who is working on it:

I remember seeing him posting about this a year ago but hadn't seen anything about it since the split. Depending on how they go about implementing the ads it could be a huge win for hive. Even if it is not large amounts at the start, ad revenue will be used to create buy pressure on the token. We can use it as a marketing tool. We can offer people a reason to buy hive and to create on hive.

We could see the first token with a proper existing economy in a few years that crosses into content creation, gaming, investment, online purchases and hopefully a debit card if the application for is successful.

Earn hive for your content and spend it in real life. Just transfer straight to your crypto card and it's ready to go. No waiting time. No transfer fees. It's a no brainer.

With a higher price more people will join and with ads to create a buying pressure there is money to offset the selling and create a positive cycle of earning and use.

Yeah, I think it can be big, and if you have thoughts about how it can be implemented for best results, perhaps you can provide input to @imwatsi. Now is the time.

I hopped over to his post earlier and had a few comments with him. Just to give some thoughts and he seemed to be looking along the same lines as me even if there will need to be some more intermediary services to supply ads in the future. I think it will take a work around to get to what i am looking at but he is making a good start for it.
It definite progress anyway.

This can be big.

It can be massive if built in the right way.