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RE: Make Hive the wordpress of crypto. Monetized communities.

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Not sure if you’re aware, but community owners can already enable promotions/ads in their communities. I wrote about it here


I did see your post at the time and have looked at it again there now but it would be a different direction to what I am looking at right now. Yours is internal promotion from existing users where as i would be looking at external sources with external revenue coming into the system. It's a good idea for exposure for newer users and certainly has it's place on peakd but it won't create buy pressure for HIVE imo.

I would be hoping more for a google ads idea on the site with the revenue divided between the interface for setting it up and the creators depending on views/clicks some type of quantification. An automatic ad placement that would be paid for with external funds and bring value back into the system for all of us.

Yea, I definitely think the option you’re referring to would be a great addition as well. More options are certainly better, but I think the thing that’s stopping what currently exists is not it’s design, the internal vs external dichotomy you mentioned. It’s that we don’t have enough users for advertisers to be interested.

Honestly if we had 10x the number of users that we have, we still wouldn’t be at the critical mass where advertisers would be super interested in advertising.

So at our current scale I agree that something like Google ads would be more lucrative more than likely, but if we can break into, not even the mainstream, but honestly just relevance, a direct,specific, targeted ad model would make more money than Google ads, but I think they could be a better way to bootstrap to get to more lucrative advertising.

Over time I can see a more direct selling model be a lot more profitable but as you said we don't have the numbers to create that interest. Maybe in a few years it could work with a large increase in adoption.

For now it's about quick and easy in my opinion. Got money flowing in. Create buy pressure on hive and grow the user base.

A place to get started and built more towards the model that you have over time with more targeted advertising.

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