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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: Middlewood Hospital Chapel

in Urban Exploration2 months ago

I live all those arches. I would buy it and renovate it and sod the graveyard!!


If I'm to buy stuff like this too I wouldn't give a fuck about the graveyard. Come to think about it, there are most probably great opportunities for people like me (or us?) who aren't scared of things like these; maybe there are great properties out there that are cheaper because people are scared of buying it due to a graveyard or some other fairytale stuff. These properties are probably just waiting for fearless sods like us to come and pick them up for peanuts.

Here's hoping!! Can you imagine how you would feel though if for all your words you bought a place with a graveyard attached and one night the fog rolled in and something started banging at your door. Wooooooo :0D

Lol 😂. It's all fairytale if you ask me; things like that almost never happens in reality (I'm saying 'almost' just to make space) . But if stuff like this was to happen, though, I'd simply grab a gun or a baseball bat or something and I'd go out for a friendly chat where I wouldn't be smiling at all.

Concrete over all the graves, pretend they don't exist and hope you don't get a 'Thriller night'?

Yes, it would be quite horrifying to look out the window and see a bunch of zombies dancing outside the window like camp dramas students :0D