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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: Middlewood Hospital Chapel

in Urban Exploration2 months ago

This is a really impressive photo set. I absolutely love old churches so I was pumped to see the thumbnail for this post. Definitely looks like they tried to keep folks out harder than some places you've been, but I'm glad they failed as I really enjoyed the interior shots! The stained glass is amazing. Hard to believe they havent been vandalized.


Up until last summer I had a terrible record with churches. They were being renovated, or the sealers were just leaving as I arrived with a smug look on their faces. I have done a few since, and they can be very photogenic.

One very close to me my mothers house, took me 4 visits before I go inside. That was lovely, with rats, badgers and bats living inside hehe..

Badgers here are ornery bastards. The rats and bats aren't so bad, but I definitely wouldn't want to be around anywhere that badgers are hahaha. Hopefully yours are a little less homicidal there.