Introducing : '' - a HIVE Front-End.

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For a while, I have been deliberating about expanding my content outside of HIVE. While in Bangkok, @for91days told me to set up my own Urban Exploration website which I mulled over for too long.


It all seemed like a lot of work, duplication of content, and all those images. How much would it cost to host them?

@dizzydiscovery suggested that I could either do it this way (at extra cost) or simply add links to HIVE thus producing a better front end.


I went for the latter option and have been working hard on it just to get something usable. We can all agree that the presentation of HIVE, especially when it comes to older articles is terrible.

The search function appears to be no better than it was on old Steemit. What I wanted was an easy way to see my older work without having to search too hard.


So I present to you, A front-end for HIVE on which ALL my explores can be found easily by categorisation.

This does not mean I will cease to exclusively host my content on HIVE first, it simply works in parallel to the blockchain, and clicking an explore will open a session.


I’m hoping this non-alien method of viewing may attract some non-HIVE people to what we know as home.

To date, I have been on just over 200 successful explorations, with 159 of them published on the HIVE blockchain.


The other 41 have yet to be written up. The stories take time to craft and hopefully reading them will NOT send people to sleep with boredom.

As well as this, I have failed to get in many places but have still documented what I found. It serves as a reminder that I can retry later if I happen to be passing by.


Not to blow my own trumpet, but I feel that nobody else in the UX world (except perhaps @grindle) writes in the style I do, combining the photography, personal story, minimal profanity, and drama of each little mini-adventure.

While developing my writing skills, I looked at the reports of other explorers on the likes of and while factual, they seemed so stodgy.


Why not inject a little sardonic humour into them I was thinking? Everyone was ever so serious. What makes the world go around is smiles and laughter.

I hope to keep you all laughing. I know some of my collaborative explorers appreciate my weird slant on the 'Tales' I write.

I hope to keep doing it until I'm too decrepit to continue.

image.png is far from finished, contains around 36 of my stories, and has sections that still need more work.


I will shortly be adding Google Analytics to it, and email support. Let me know what you think of the presentation!


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I think it looks fantastic dude. Who designed it and built it to be easy to use for you? Did you say Rockerfeller Media Ltd
@ ? 😉😅

You are mentioned, you just need to look a tad harder :)


Awesome - Congratulations to your own website!!! It looks great!

Thanks, it's not finished yet.., but getting there.

Awesome stuff, congratulations!


Personal sites pulling content from Hive is the future imo. Great stuff.

Personal sites pulling content from Hive is the future imo.

Yeah, I initially was going to replicate all the content, but there is far too much. Adding the links one-by-one is bad enough and then there is the old old content (done on STEEM) which is now missing the images. I will need to reconstruct those on HIVE.

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If you're okay with a bit of coding, you could automate, even partially. The API nodes could be queries for articles from your account with a certain tag.

I can code in some languages, it's possible. I always forget to send !BEER back.

Hey @eturnerx, here is a little bit of BEER from @slobberchops for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @eturnerx for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

From what I can see here it looks like you've done a great job on the website. It looks very inviting.

However, I'm not able to get on the site itself in Brave or Chrome. I'm getting a "This site can’t provide a secure connection" error.

I particularly love how your fellow explorers have their own avatars. Are you going to create one for guest publishers?

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I also have noticed this Gillian, if I hit enter in the URL box again.. it does work. Not sure what that is about. I will ask @dizzydiscovery who put it together for me.


I particularly love how your fellow explorers have their own avatars.

The old crew of explorers, hate this kind of thing. Leaving stickers everywhere in derps. I don't do that but like the avatar idea.

EDIT: Should work now @gillianpearce. Lacked an SSL Certificate.

the graphics are definitely very captivating and sincerely make me want to explore the site better.

I will have to write an article for a better experience and then any feedback 😊

Is the link working for you? I think there is something wrong with the security. I can only get in by clicking twice.

No, I can't log in to the site.

I was referring to the pictures you posted of the site, it looks really well done.

This is so cool :) A huge CONGRATS!!!

Extremely well done!

WordPress with the plugin to connect it to Hive, as I can see?

@tipu curate

One of these days I should do the same.

WordPress with the plugin to connect it to Hive, as I can see?

It is done in WordPress, and the images have click properties which simply opens a peakd session with the full URL. Its like my very own dApp for my targeted content.. and thanks! I love it.., it looks a lot prettier than the HIVE interface.

Minimal profanity eh... :0D

You are right, done of the others I have seen have been a tad stodgy and no one wants stodge.

On another note. I can't load your site either. IT MUST SUCK!?!?

If you click at the end of the .com in the URL bar.. does it work?


I do hope that is not the equivalent of you sending me for a left handed hammer!

I did try though, I tried a few things but on my phone and Chromebook cant get past it. Tis odd that others are ganging in and I am standing here out in the dark with my penis in my hand?!

It was a lack of SSL Certificate, that's now been added. Does it work now?

Fuck sake ya needy bastard, I am trying to work... ;O)

It does, it works a treat. Hot damn, that is a lovely looking site. Absolutely lovely. This is the way forward for Hive surely? I have never seen it used like this. Seriously I am impressed. All that is directed at dizzydiscovery of course!

I jest, I am feeling quite flippant. Its really good. I can imagine it bringing a lot of eyes in.

@dizzydiscovery put together the shell, and I added all the content with some changes. I'm shit at design so yeah.., he's the credit behind that aspect.


The Elementor add-on allows me to customize the look and feel. I'm still getting to grips with it all.

Thanks for being my free beta tester heh...

Oh noes, I have been duped!!

It is good though, a template for people going forward perhaps. It is certainly the first i have seen like this linking back which I like very much. All your traffics will be ours!

Ah.. thank ye so much! The traffic is next, google analytics.. he's added it but I can't see the stats yet. We tecchies like our stats!

Wow. This is seriously amazing, well done on all the hardwork you've put in am really excited to see how this develops! This is a sick example to others for the power of HIVE infrastructure seriously cool. You'll be having a regular avid reader mate !LUV

Thanks man, it's working now after a little hitch. I'll be adding some more Tales later.

I think this is great. The Hive front-ends have their limitations, but doing your own site can make for a better experience. It looks great so far. I hope it can lead a few more people to Hive.

I hope it can lead a few more people to Hive.

Yes, same. Some of the older content lacks the images when viewed with peakd. For those, I will need to edit them and re-add. I guess the old hosting service on STEEM has not paid for a continued service.

Back in the early days we had to host images elsewhere. Stuff that's not in the blockchain needs to be somewhere resilient that will stick around.

The site is mostly reliant on HIVE. Only the images on the front end (one per explore) are hosted, along with the textual content. It is in all respects another dApp I suppose, just a personal one.

Very nice dude, congrats. Thanks for the inspiration. Pura started her own site at one point with her recipes and videos. I've often thought of 'something' like what you did for the same reason, that search bar.

I appreciate clearing up my devices and saving footage/images on the blockchain but going back to them to show someone or something can be a challenge. Especially without WeeFee!

I think it's working now after the initial hitch with no SSL Certificate. It worked before with Edge, but not Chrome or Brave.

The things we have to do, to get a search that works eh?

Looks clean. Great job

alright @slobberchops, .. youve been busy and the hard work shows, ... ++ to you for content. Top marks to @dizzydiscovery too, looks like he defo knows his web site stuff.

Thanks dude, I can do so many and then get burnt out. 53 now on the site. I have over 100 more to list.

It looks like one big journey @slobberchops that just needs a lot of hard work, bit by bit. Good luck getting everything done.

I am getting there Angie, adding a few every day.

Thanks for the mention 😂 you steered me away from the stodgy 28days/oblivionstste, style.
It suits my brain and non logical thought process to deliver my stuff in a more random manner, hoping I can build my fan base 😂

I shall just enjoy your stuff on here, keep it up guru!

Web building, google analytics, fuck me you may as well be talking in Chinese.

Smash the machines I say, smash the machines,

Yay, long live HIVE! We could do with one or two more. They come, they post, they leave.

Hey dear @slobberchops, this is a cool idea and I love to add content to this. Even if I have only 2 or 3 posts about that topic.

There seems to be some good stuff in Germany. Have a look here.

Wow - even a few more in my neighborhood.

Thanks and a !BEER from me - Hope to see you soon again

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Looking good

I don't know about minimal profanity though...

Spice it up s bit!

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Almost 90% of my posts contain an element of profanity (recent government records show).., that's not bad eh?

 last month (edited)

90% is government approved

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