Tales of the Urban Explorer: London House

in Urban Exploration2 months ago (edited)

"That fucking security bloke is there again..., in his poxy little car", spat an irritated @anidiotexplores.

It was true, a plain white car was parked at the gates of Warwick Mill, one of our targets on a disorganised spur of moment explore.


The bloke sat in the car looked extremely bored and was in a state of semi-slumber, with a trace of drool starting to sliver down the edge of his jowls.

Being a derp security bloke must be the most unrewarding job I can think of. Ninety-five percent of your life you are sitting there half dozing and the other five, getting abused by teenagers who you are politely telling to leave.

“No worries mate, we can do London House… it’s next door”, my comrade piped up with a grin.


I struggled to find any information on London House. Google searches revealed mostly townhouses in our fair capital and bloody Kate Middleton, neither of which is relevant.


The property was sold in 2020 for £500,000 and the owner also owns next door, our fail today, Warwick Mill.

It looks like it used to be office space and is quite central in a northern town.


The Chinese, are… were looking to re-develop both buildings but this news article is 7 years old.

If they did purchase London House for a cool half-million in 2020 then they got ripped off. The place is a fucking mess to be blunt.


After crawling in through… well, I won’t say how.., we were inside one of the barest buildings I have ever encountered.


London House was one of my first explores with @anidiotexplores and I was unaware that he has a habit of occasionally singing loudly in remote derps.

It made things more interesting I suppose, though it might be wise if he doesn’t audition for the X-Factor.


We made out way to the top floor first on his advice.

“If you get busted, then you take photographs on the way down”…


It does make sense and after some huffing and puffing, as the lift was disappointingly out of order, I found myself on the roof.


Warwick Mill loomed in front of me like some red-bricked behemoth.

Look at the size of that place. Imagine wandering through it, each floor all looking exactly the same as the previous one.


I am not a fan of exploring mills as you might guess but would still like to have a look. There’s always something you can find, that photograph waiting to be captured.



It’s more than could be said for London House as we descended and found each floor, you guessed it, just like the last.


Good advice I did not take on this occasion. There was so little to see, I was looking for anything interesting.


…’@anidiotexplores singing is enough to crack glass windows, the evidence is plain to see’…

You have to focus on what is there, and broken glass shots always look dramatic especially with old mills in the background.



Useless bloody lifts, walking up 5 floors lost me around erm.. 1-2 grams of fat though.



We wandered down getting more bored by the minute. Surely there was something other than empty rooms and fresh air.


Sigh, it was back to the broken glass shots.



It was not getting darker outside, there was some sticky cellophane stuff attached to this window.





@anidiotexplores has now done London House twice. He must be very tolerant of dull explores but I have to thank him for subjecting me to this 'experience'.



The telephony room with everything ripped out as usual.


You are getting desperate when an old wheelbarrow breaks up the monotony


I did notice the lack of toilets in London House. Either they have been professionally extracted or you had to piss out of the windows when nature called.

It must have been doubly bad for the ladies. Sit in a corner or go outside and head for the nearest bush?

Was it Health and Safety that closed London House due to inadequate facilities?


It would not be a true derp without at least one cock shot. I left via the same entrance feeling hard done by.


While I am not too fussy about where I go, London House was one of the bleakest, barest, uninspiring locations I have ever visited.


It was hardly going to improve on that day with a plethora of failures to follow. Things can only get better.


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I was a security guard for a couple years back in college, in a warehouse. It was great (for me). All I had to do was walk about the building once an hour or so and then let the trucks in when they arrived; the rest of the time I spent studying (or napping). If I had to sit in my car all shift, though, I might go completely looney.

What caught my attention about the pictures is the apartments just outside the building. I wonder what it'd like to live in an otherwise fine facility but have those ruins just outside your window.

Not just one, but two unsightly ruins next to your house! It can't be nice. They are often the target of fires which in turn causes toxic fumes to get in your premises.

Interesting that you used to be a guard. Did the bosses warn you about paid sleeping on the job?

No, they honestly never knew. The truck drivers, in fact, suggested that I set up some cans right outside the door so a ruckus would be made when they came in just so it'd wake me up if I was napping. Those drivers were awesome; they knew what was what and that I was only being paid peanuts.

Haha, brilliant!

'There here'

I love a good misspelled graffiti :0D

They should have used Grammarly for Graffiti scrawlers!

I can see the branded paint cans in my mind eye... Now with added Grammarly!

I love your broken glass shots. Especially the "sticky cellophane stuff" one. Very artistic indeed! 😊

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It was a case of..., what is there here.. besides a big nothing. You have to take what you can under boring circumstances!

Empty offices do not look too interesting. I may have mentioned it before, but I used to work across the North Circular from the Unisys build that was empty for many years. Various people obvious got in there as more windows got broken or had stuff painted on them. I was in Wembley Point that is being (or has been) developed for appartments. I hope they don't disturb the peregrine falcons that nested above my window.

There must have been toilets somewhere in London House. Even if they ripped stuff out there would still be plumbing.

LOL, I looked for the bogs.., you know I always post at least one lovely looking specimen. I could not find them.. strange.

Offices are OK if there are things left behind. I have done several, and this had nothing of interest whatsoever.

Yeah, from the outside it looked more like it was an office building or apartments. After seeing the inside I can't really imagine that it was apartments. That is pretty weird that there was no sign of bathrooms. Not even plumbing or anything like that?

Apartments would mean lots of toilets, so I suspect office space when it was open. I can generally find some info, but zilch on this one. How long has it been closed for one. No plumbing.., its as though there was none.

That is very odd.

Yeah I got in here couple of years ago after failing with that lovely old mill, was boring as fuck! It didn’t even have a cock when I went !

Haha, not even a cock... terrible mate! Some things you have to expect 😁

😂 😂 😂

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