Tales of the Urban Explorer: Shanghai Palace

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On checking the history of ‘Shanghai Palace’, I was dismayed to find this sobering report.


Since closing in 2017 it has been burgled 23 times with thieves being spotted driving away with the eateries’ famous ornamental 'Chinese Dragons'.


What makes it worse is that above article is from 2017 and is not recent. How many times has it subsequently been ransacked since then?


...'Shanghai Palace in better days, one can hope the kitchen did not smell so er... flavoursome then'...

Having been tipped off that 'Shanghai Palace' was accessible we parked up and assessed the security.

What security? Walking around the herras fencing was not difficult and I won't even go into details about the building.


Let me say it looked like some dynamite had been used, and the viewpoint we witnessed was a little surreal. Owner Joe Farley must have given up on his once prized restaurant.

According to this other report he has lost a fortune and I suspect a demolition may be coming if someone wants to pay for it all.

The online reviews all appear to be positive with some people griping about the expensive prices. It was time to go in and see what we could find.



To call it ransacked would be an understatement. I wonder how large these Chinese Dragons were and that those thieves really needed high explosives to get them out?


£40 a head for the Seafood Banquet? It does seem a little on the steep side and I do eat at Chinese places though I tend to avoid these huge deals due to my sparrow-like appetite.



Not content with the ransacking the thieves and others since have decided to smash the place up.



Christmas parties are profitable for restaurants in the UK. That was before the COVID time and everywhere tended to be full; one bill for £500 and another for £800.



While some of the table linen had survived, another lot had succumbed to a fire.



Are these table orders, or receipts? Maybe @livinguktaiwan can help me out and with the rest of the writings in this post.


Pegs for order chits?


Some menus are not directed to the English community.


Entering the kitchen was a very poor idea. Was it the bamboo shoots that were giving off that appalling stench?


Or maybe they had not washed anything before vacating. In any case, it was quite overwhelming and I was surprised to see no rats knocking about.

We quickly vacated that area or else would have risked oral incapacitation.



£9.95, now that's more like it, though I am surprised they open on Mondays. Many of them don't bother anymore.


If these are reservations it tells a story. It was hardly busy for a Saturday night.


The chairs must not be worth stealing, same for the tables.



What a delightful toilet. There’s even bog roll though it might prove a little damp and stick to your arse if used.


A linen hire company? Whatever this bill is for, it's extremely costly. Does it cost that much to rent it, or clean it?



There was no beer left in the vending machine, I did check. Drinking abandoned beer is not my thing anyway.



Apparently, glasses are also not worth stealing, even boxed, new, albeit slightly mouldy.


Some more indecipherable scribbling.


Is this part of the Chinese Dragons? It looks detached from something.


We visited Shanghai Palace in October 2020 and have heard little of it since. Has it been boarded up? I hope so.


It could be restored but in our current times of lockdown / no-lockdown (rinse and repeat), things are not good for the hospitality industry. It might be better if it was demolished.


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Looks like it is a pretty good sized building. Still some good stuff the current owners can remove and sell somewhere, lots of chairs and table like you said and all those boxes of glasses, it might not be a lot of money but some would be better than none.

The report did say the owner was planning to sell the stock.. then all the looting hit.

Nice one.. Never know what you can find ..wish there were more close up pictures in the kitchen.. After all it's the heart of any restaurant... Losing your breakfast or lunch for a once in a lifetime opportunity .. well maybe next restaurant explore..


Hehe.. they look a little planted. The ones here scram when they see humans!

It's the big ones that aren't afraid of humans that makes me scramble..

Ohhh! Gross, Mike! @manorvillemike I am always happy when I don't have to see a rat!

What are you kidding me, Rats are very smart, make good pets and are a delicacy in parts of the world.. 🐭

Not in my world!!! Yikes, Mike! :))

As a former restaurateur, I found this post extremely painful! The tables and chairs would be valuable to a restaurant. I am surprised nothing was auctioned.

I do feel for them, it must be a terrible feeling to lose all of this.

Sad to see this condition of something that was a a famous place once.
You captured the story very well and narrated is well too.
Thanks a lot for sharing the pictures here.

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Hey mate, is it legit to post about an abandoned service station, a dilapidated wreck? Not sure what's relevant and legit in the community. Just need some guidance.

Yeah! Anything abandoned.. half of mine are wrecks!

Great, I'll get on it.

@tipu curate :)

Thanks :)

What a shame the place isn’t in better shape, still, super interesting!

There was not a lot to look at, no upstairs or basement. A strange building all on a single level.

It's nice that the table that was reserved was still being kept for whoever it was...

I am surprised those glasses didn't get tipped out and smashed everywhere and it did seem a little on the steep side. I have always avoided those types of big places as they seem very industrial on scale and the food is never good

I have found many a place with hordes of boxed glasses. Maybe they don't sell so well on eBay? Just a thought... you know 😶

It's a niche!! Get in there and start collecting and selling!!

This looks like it was a pretty decent place when it was up and running. Reminds me of a lot of the Chinese places we have around where I live. The decor must be something all of these places buy in bulk from some store. I wonder how the food was. Did I miss it or did it have one of those ratings that most of the places over there have?

Food Hygiene Ratings.., I didn't notice one here. I do know the kitchen would no longer pass, there might have been more things of interest back there but I forgot my gas-mask.

Haha, I don't blame you. It would be interesting to see what the score was before it closed up. Even in it's prime!

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No wonder it went bankrupt charging those sort of prices in Wigan. Isn’t that the home of the pie in a barm cake?
Nice find

Oh, I cannot believe they left so much behind! It looks like it was a decent place, once upon a time. I have to wonder what motivated the people to wreck the kitchen, but, not take any of the glasses or chairs/tables which they could have turned into money.

I surprised there weren't any rats! :))

That looked like it would have been salvagable at one time. People are so freaking desctuctive!