Tales of the Urban Explorer: Tapios

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"Look at that place", exclaimed @dizzydiscovery suddenly. I jolted on the brakes parking 100 yards farther up the road to see what all the fuss was about.

It was October 2020, we had just left The Three Arrows and were on-route to the next exciting 'derp of the day'.


Roadside distractions are commonplace among us explorers. Most of the time they come to little but you can find an odd gem amongst all the duds you see on the side of the road.

Tapios did look empty as could be seen by the masses of herras fencing surrounding the empty car park. What those fence builders were thinking beats me.


Why they want nobody to step on a piece of sacred empty concrete and leave the house unguarded comes from the mind of someone strange.

That day was a fail as some old bloke was pottering around outside the house next door. Doubtless, he was the owner and was peering at us with squinted eyes suspiciously.

We took some photographs anyway and ignored him. 'Act like it's yours', I have been told, and fuck the nosey twats.


March 2021 and I was back with a dubious @bingbabe sat in the car. I figured it was worth a solo look and not to expose her to the horrors of burnt timbers, random metal rods poking out, intent on taking your eyeballs out and vegetating stale half-pints of beer that would likely kill if you took a sip.

Nonchalantly striding around to the back I was in luck and straight in with a little scrambling.


Tapios was very much off the Urbex radar so I was not sure what to expect. It looked like it had been subjected to fire at some point and this report confirms just that.


For something that has been empty for almost 5 years, why have the explorers not been in? I did find that a little strange.


Inside was made of up the usual deathly quiet sounds I have become accustomed to. It has been burnt but there was a lot left.



A helmet on the bar and also some food menus. The fire it seems had been confined to the extension area.


…'the wise explorer never touches half-falling ceilings such as this one, otherwise, they can be safely ignored'…

Getting into the bar was a bit of a squeeze, when lots of things collapse you need to navigate around them trying your best not to disturb anything.



I ought to stop taking toilet snaps. It’s not like they are photogenic or anything.




Just before the burning, Tapios closed down. It is described as, ‘the once-popular Mediterranean restaurant’, but was it really any good?


I found a few reviews, some good, and some bad but this got my attention. The writing on the wall may have already been written so the staff did not care?







Having checked out the ground floor I descended into the cellar where all dark things lurk.


There was some kind of noise going on down there, water noise that was getting louder.



It's tough to photograph water leaks, but there was quite a major one in this corner among the old framed photographs, certificates, and menus.




I had to tread carefully not to get my feet soaked. If you think those are ancient chests bound in shrink-wrap with golden doubloons inside, then go back and check yourself.



Upstairs was a disappointment. Everything had been cleared out but other than that it had survived the fire very well.



Nature was coming in through a couple of the closed windows very nicely. One side of the house was covered in ivy.


I could see little in the way of vandalism, though it may well be smashed up now as Tapios joined the Tour Bus shortly after I arrived.




I made my way downstairs quite pleased to find something quite untouched (then) waving at the plates that once contained pizzas.






Getting close to 5-year-old eggs can be quite hazardous. I spotted these on the way out and gave them a wide berth.


Within 20 minutes we were driving away from Tapios. It doesn't take me long to get around an old pub.


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Ugh, that ivy. I just tore a ton of it out of one of our back flower beds. I didn't get it all and it is starting to grow back. I need to attack it again. Nasty stuff. It just has a mind of its own. Congrats on finding a new explore. That had to be pretty exciting and rare!

I loathe the stuff too, and have a lot in the back garden. @bingbabe cut the main bough in half 2 years ago but it still continues to grow from the ground up.

Nasty stuff for sure!

The alien plant invasions are cool. Are the dates right? You said you found it in 2020 and went back in 2018.

Bing is very tolerant of your hobby.

You said you found it in 2020 and went back in 2018.

Thanks... what was I thinking. Changed it to 2021. She drags me to her runs sometimes, its give and take.

It's clearly ok to enter the joint so long as you use the back door.

I think people who write negative reviews should be limited to one positive write up per negative.

Did you know around 97% of explores are accessed via the back, it's a known fact!

It's gone up since last I checked.

ALien eggs!!!!

I love the nature bursting in.

Can you imagine sending food back if it was cold and them laughing? I would be up and out and telling them to fecking ram it.

I dared not breathe close to those eggs. I backed off very quickly... I tell you!

Hehe and quite rightly too!

FYI @slobberchops


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Thanks man, I will remove it from my footer!

Well it says it will notify me when there is more EOS there, but I don't really care

I really love the extra research you do on some of these places to paint a fuller image of what happened. I’d love to find some places like this in Tokyo. I’ve been to a bunch in Hong Kong. If you ever go I’d love to show you if I can book a short trip at the same time. (You know, when travel happens again).

There are places in Tokyo but watch out for the laws there, it may well be very different than here. My ex-best friend lives in this city and married a local. I haven't seen him in years due to this dratted virus.

Yeah, the downside to a low crime rate is that cops have time to catch most small inconsequential things, and all the old people are on the look-out.

There are quite a few cool abandoned schools in HK, I wish I had pictures. I'll try to find some.

Let me know if you come to Asia after the Rona

Seems like the owner was infatuated with death, two photos of hearses, wtf? and you seem to be becoming infatuated with bogs 😂
Nice little mooch though

Ever since #TheLooLoo was born I have been taking more shitter shots.., but yeah.. they are kind of bad to show. It's still there if you want a visit.. :)

I shall list it for the future, not much chance of getting out for a few weeks

@tipu curate :)


Always fun reads; love your writing style - it adds loads to the pictures and really makes the post!


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