Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Derelict Butchers

in Urban Exploration3 months ago

'You've got to be fucking joking man.., you're really wanting to go into an old decaying stinking butchers?’, I said with more than a tinge of incredulity.

When @anidiotexplores mentioned a 'Derelict Butchers’ I was less than excited and some thoughts entered my imagination on what would be expected.


Rotting shoulders of lamb dripping in mold, maggot encrusted sausages that would put any scene in a horror movie to shame, or perhaps some putrid lumps of tripe being gorged on by those bluebottles that eventually emerge from maggot larvae?

Mate… this is a hot location and fresh news’, he exclaimed, with slightly less exuberance than a few minutes previously.

I could not help but laugh. The venues we visit would be enough to nauseate a regular human, but we are hardened to seeing, walking-in and breathing in all kinds of terrible substances and sights.

As I was speculating another attempt at a certain abandoned theatre that has so far eluded me, and that it was almost next door to this… ‘butchers’, I thought, well OK, maybe I can survive this particular encounter if I can hold my breath long enough.


...'you can trust Frank for all your quality meats... honest'...

We walked around looking for a way in without success that is until we found the front door. Why bother with the back when this picture is staring at you?

No doubt it's been sealed again by now and by the time the Facebook crew read this, I can almost guarantee this to be the case.

Not that they will be missing much, it’s a butcher’s shop, not a mental asylum with quality ancient torture devices left inside.

Oh, what the fuck, I shimmied under and entered paradise.

It was to my surprise that I was not hit by a wall of putrid gasses, though it was less nostril flavoursome than an open active business would have been.


…'why would you advertise your business as ONE out of FIVE? It told a sobering story and was the very first thing I noticed on entering'…

I have never seen anything less than THREE out of FIVE on these Food Hygiene Ratings signs. If you get a terrible rating, you shove the sign inside a cupboard and pretend it doesn't exist or expect few customers.


Is this certificate enough to mitigate the official rating? I was trying not to laugh.


To get behind the counter you need to be extra skinny, and I am no longer that. I barely managed it by holding my breath, scraping my skin, and swearing profusely.

That Frank must have been a scrawny bugger and can you imagine an advertisement for hired help?

'Wanted Apprentice Butcher' - Must not be Overweight. Would that work in today's world?


Being a fatty often is a major disadvantage when it comes to the Urbex world. Vaulting over this counter would likely break the glass, make a shitload of noise and place you in hospital.



Franks Butchers was a little dusty inside, but that was to be expected.


Knowing which part of the city this is located in, prices like these are to be expected. I would not expect quality legs to be part of this bargain.


In the spirit of things, calendars should always be held up by butchers’ hooks.



I can now understand that poor hygiene rating. The back area was hardly sparkling and clean.


Dare I enter this room? I moved the plastic sheeting aside, inhaled not too deeply, and thought better of it.


I wonder how long this has been closed. The calendar was from 2016, so is it five years?


What is that substance? I did not touch it. One learns that some brown powders should remain in their natural habitat.

Within 10 minutes we were outside and gaining suspicious glares from a bloke parked in a nearby van.

This whole row of once shops is now closed, boarded up, and sealed. Taking photographs defuses potential bad situations. Mr. Nosey Bastard started reading his paper again when he noticed us shooting.


Thieves and robbers who want to steal old meat carcasses don’t take photographs. We walked away from the butchers smelling slightly meatier than when we had arrived.


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Well that’s different!
Lots of nice crusty stuff to snap, are the other shops doable?
No wonder it’s empty with a 1 rating for hygiene, fuck me, salmonella central.

The whole row is scheduled to be demolished shortly.., none of the others were open that day. It was a fun one, and made better with that narrow gap that I can hardly believe I squeezed through. !WINE

Slim Jim?

I used to be the skinny lad people took the piss out of when I was young. It helps a lot being like this with what we do. This fucking !WINE thing seems to be bust and the dev has done a runner, that's crypto for you.

Where has mort gone too?

Never understood what wine was,

!WINE is yet another token, like HIVE but worth less. I need to explain these other ones as you have amassed quite a collection probably without knowing.

The Kwiksave stories, I placed on hiatus. I don't think anyone was reading them.

Lol, I got all sorts of stuff but don’t have a clue where from or how I have got it!
I was reading happy days, happy memories.
On a different note any whispers of a hive get together this year?

Hygiene Rating 😂😂

Aw man, I was hoping to see something much more terrible!! I would love the idea of entering the ol abandoned butcher shop. I am a big fan of all things unpleasant. Not enough bloody cleavers and dripping maggot infested carcasses for me though; I would've been disappointed.

Great photos! Next time a bloke sitting in a van outside an abandoned area starts giving you shit, maybe pretend to take down his license plate 😂 sounds like he was the shady one in this scenario

If my imagination had become reality, I would probably had passed out when getting inside!

Lucky you!

Well, I can only say that a whole chicken is cheap :)))) 😎

Only quality at Franks, don't dis him now! !WINE

Sweet exploration! I can only imagine how that would smell if there was any meat left in there, and it makes me shudder lol. You guys are taking one for the team, exploring stank-ass places like that.

I had images of.., well you know what! However, there was not a trace of meat inside, and am I glad of that. !WINE

Congratulations, @slobberchops You Successfully Shared 0.200 WINE With @oblivioncubed.
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Total Purchase : 24846.318 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.270 HIVE

That's why my calendars keep falling down!!

You need meat hooks, I saw it and it was a startling revelation.. it's the future for calendars. !WINE

It's the future for all wall hanging items. Meat hooks galore!!! :0D

!DUCAT 50 !

An experiment!

Trying to open the DUCAT faucet tap!

Congratulations, @slobberchops You Successfully Shared 0.300 WINE With @meesterboom.
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Hurray! The DUCAT faucet tap got opened by an appreciator, this is your lucky day!

Each time you show me these I'm surprised how much stuff is left behind, even glass. Not sure I'm hip to a 1, I'd probably sneak under the neighbors shop if I got hungry. Back home, though, where Mexican food is better than food in Mexico, I wouldn't trust a 5.

4.. nah, too close to a 5. 3's are where it's at.

1 is embarrassing, only 0 is less. Those ratings are published online so if you visit one that doesn't show it, you can still check to see how bad it is! !WINE

Congratulations, @slobberchops You Successfully Shared 0.400 WINE With @dandays.
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Yikes, that actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be quite honestly. I mean it isn't like they were processing the animals there, but I did expect at least a little more blood stains or something here and there. Seems like it was all together pretty run of the mill. Nice photos!

Hehe, you have to make the most of what you have. It was probably the least interesting of that days explores. One of those 'different' ones!

Yeah, I guess so!

What a shit hole.. Lets eat..

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