Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Hermit's Hut

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Was he a Hermit or not? I have his name as it’s written on a bank statement and unlike the Angela story I can’t find evidence that ‘David’ is dead.

So why did he leave this stone hut, as it can be hardly called a house… to rot?


A big thanks to @anidiotexplorers for sharing this time capsule with me that is once again in Wales (where most of them are).

Walking down a massive field was the route I chose. It was not the only one, but the safer option I figured. Fewer eyes means fewer interfering bastards attempting to stop me from getting to the main course.

I scoured the area before vaulting a gate and descended down a hay-strewn field trying to hug the wall. If Farmer Giles spotted me it would be game over. Fucking farmers..., I am not a fan.

Approaching the bottom the foliage became dense and bits of junk were appearing. This must be ‘it’, with ‘it’ being a hut in the wilderness.


Private Property Keep Out’, I presume? This bloke was not very friendly when he lived here, and there was fat chance of getting in from that angle anyway.


I was relieved that it had not been raining recently else I would have been soaked. Scrambling through all this shit is not fun when reaches your face.

What kind of a house is this anyway? It looked more like a vintage bungalow from another time. Did they even make bungalows a hundred years ago?


…’give me a break! This jungle would just need to say BOO! to these lightweights and they would keel over in fright'…

I was on my own for this one so it would be a quick in and out if possible. Climbing through what used to be a window I entered a fridge. Not literally but it was bloody baltic inside.


Shivering I didn’t know where to look first. This was a time capsule of the first degree and being in the middle of nowhere had saved its arse.


Oh yes, what’s that I see on the table?


Brocock Air Cartridge system; was he a gun nut? It ties in with the warning signs.


An old sewing machine; there appears to be one in many time capsules.


A subscription to Gun magazine with all copes being from the noughties.


How many books? This old wardrobe was ready to fall over and bury me.


He did have some taste, I do like a bit of Drizzt D’Urden courtesy of R.A. Salvatore.


In fact, he was a fantasy freak. I recognised more of the titles the more I looked.



In between books a lone hermit needs a little porn, of the old-fashioned type.


Mixed this in with some Motorcycle news from 1966. This dude does have a few interests.


Not content with a wardrobe full of rotting smelly books I spotted an overworked bookshelf with more.


Path of Daggers and Forgotten Realms. We are of the same mind when it comes to our fantasy reading habits.


A randy hermit needs entertainment from no less than different three sources when doing the dishes.


I never did like Frey Bentos tinned meals. They tasted too pre-fabricated for my likes.



He shopped at 'Fones n Things' often. Cheap stuff, it still exists and they make a point of it. This was just before the great recession and Woolworth was a casualty of it.

Fones 'N' Things offers cheap phones, cheap mobile phones, and cheap mobile phone repairs in Prestatyn.


If the books in the other room looked bad.., well these were beyond saving.


Something other than porn? The TV with a built-in DVD player looks to be a little far gone.


Hard Sex News is a new one to me but could be published by the editors of the Sunday Sport looking at that boast.




He was a fan of The Cranberries. I am getting to like the bloke more and more. I reckon we could have had a conversation if he did not shoot me on sight.




Is that a car radio with a mini TV screen or something else?


One TV was not enough. No large screens, all portables.


Did I speak, erm... type too soon? That looks like a larger set. Why would he need THREE TV's?


Glasses means he could be getting on in years. I could not figure out how old ‘David’ was.


Though some of his prized 'collection' does appear to be on the vintage side.


On leaving I noticed an outhouse with more clobber inside.


What is that, some kind of wrangling machine? Can anyone tell me? Love the brand.


He had at least one cat or fed the local strays. Any company is better than none.

Another mowing machine? You can’t have too many when you live in the midst of a jungle.


I only wish I could find out what happened to ‘David’. His surname was not unique enough for me to trace him.

What I did find out is that he's a Gun freak who may ride a motorcycle, loves fantasy books and music, wanks to porn (especially when doing the dishes), possibly subscribes to a porn channel (as seen by the bank statement), is handy at DIY and likes cats.

It’s great what you can find just by doing a little digging.


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What a epic post and you are a brave man going into this old time capsule all alone I would love to come on one of these with you

Keep up the great work 🤝

I would love to come on one of these with you

If you were not so far away...., you should give this a go.., there's many an old pub closed now. I am out again today, 11 venue's to visit. It's not like there's a shortage.

Ok cool I definitely want to give it a go I will have a look and see if I can find somewhere there is a few old pubs around but they are locked up properly

Keep up the great work I always enjoy checking out your post's I might not comment every time but I do really enjoy your post's

Not much has changed in 3 years, I shall dig my stuff out, if I remember he died a bachelor in a nursing home in Rhyl many years ago

he died a bachelor in a nursing home in Rhyl many years ago

Now where did you figure that one from? I looked and found some dude in South Wales with the same name who died. Probably not the same bloke.

When I went I found a brown envelope, with his name on it, ran it through the London gazette

Ha ha this guy appeared to have some oddities to say the least, glad it was not death by books...

Made me smile thinking back to all the porn photography, when visiting London Town years ago some friends took us to a strip bar, most of the girls sliding up and down the poles were lesbian, could not give a shit about men and their dicks, just earning to live 😂.... OK that's just a random!

Are those old VCR sound track boxes by any chance, perhaps one screen to play them, another for port channel, third we whole knows perhaps a peeping Tom had cameras stashed somewhere?

!BEER well deserved after the adventure

when visiting London Town years ago some friends took us to a strip bar

You came to London...and they took you to a strip club? Hehe..., it's not exactly renown for it.

I have since been told he's dead and died a Bachelor.

I love the way you venture into these unknown territories, personally I would not dare to enter such places.

Lol. Awesome.

I recognised and or own a lot of those fantasy books too. The assets and sorcery type, not the giant hairy minge type!!!

not the giant hairy minge type!!!

Oh come now, you live beyond the wall in Game of Thrones terms. Razors haven't been invented there yet. Here's the proof..


That's a face minge!! We are the lands of the shaven haven, I don't think anyone has pubes up here anymore. Not since the 90s!! 🤔

I think the thing that looked like a car radio with a TV screen was a small oscilloscope for testing electric equipment.

The Acme thing looks like a ringer from the sixties, to squeeze the water out of washed clothes before hanging on the clothesline to dry.

He had a lot of books and I did recognize a lot of the names and titles.

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I always think of the Road Runner when I see Acme. It really did exist!


Now that looked like an interesting explore, to say the least. At least the man kept himself entertained!

At least the man kept himself entertained!

LOL, no doubt!

Holy shit I might be looking at what my time capsule will look like Except without all those books.. Fantastic explore.. Maybe he used that ringer thing to dry out his underwear ..

It was some kind of drying device I have been told on another comment.

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Wow es emocionante ver tanta literatura, es un sinónimo del saber, saludos.

Just won’t be the same in years to come with the lack of old school porn. This David sure was an avid reader and an avid wanker it seems.

Wow! This post is like a wake-up call for all of us. I don't believe the guy is still alive and yet, the place is an open book about his personality and last years of his life. We need to build connections on the outside of our person, and not to retreat inside. His "inside" looks depressive...

Adult content, funny. Did you notice the page in the chick mag appropriately titled "I'm Not To Be Won" followed closely by a Cat Stevens book?

That's funny.

She's a Victorian girl at heart... it says, so must be true.

That stack of books looks like it is just waiting for the right person to collapse upon and kill. Murderous books.

They were.., and would have buried me if I had taken another step closer. You need to know your limits!

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Very weird guy tho. But I mean he enjoyed his space. Old porn doesn't really look nice.

Old porn doesn't really look nice.

Takes me back to when I was young.

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